Passion is a double edged sword

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“My relationship with you at this moment is of utmost importance to me.

It has taken me a lifetime to feel the way I do for another person. I do not take it lightly and maybe that is a problem for you. I know I am a strong person with a lot of passion that can easily scare people, which is not my intention.” Rpisces

At the same time, I cannot and will not be disrespected or threatened with the end of this relationship, which is abusive!
We are at around 11 weeks of dating, getting here has not been easy or fun at times. I am getting to a point where I find myself, building walls to disconnect from you, which is the opposite of what I want or need, yet in the end, I will always protect myself as much as I can.
Keep in mind every time you threaten me, or take me for granted, you loose a part of my heart, which diminishes my love and passion for you, in time it will be too late, if you continue to fail to see how you are damaging us, I am not only pointing the finger at you, I know my faults and contributions to the possible demise of this relationship.
At this point, I feel as though I am one foot out the door. It is up to you, if you push me completely out the door, or embrace me and find value in us.
There is the part of my ego and heart, that wants to plead for you to love me the way I need, and the other part me, just wants to run as fast as I can.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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