Song: What Is It Trying To Tell You? By Penny Maday


Each of us has a story. This story is the journey we call our life, and within that life is a song.

It’s your Heart Song.

It has taken me almost 40 years to fully understand and appreciate that each person we encounter, from the clerk at the grocery store to the people with whom we have relationships, comes into our lives for a reason or a season, to teach us something or for us to teach them. These lessons may be contained in a moment of simple kindness or courtesy, a smile or shared laughter, or something far greater. Sometimes people, moments, or experiences come to help us find our heart song.

What is a Heart Song?

I believe it is that which calls to you deeply from your emotional and spiritual center as well as your heart chakra – it may be a secret, as yet undiscovered by you – but it calls to you just the same.

It is your connection to the Divine, it’s that which makes your inner light shine, it’s your soul’s true purpose.

If you haven’t found it yet, listen deeply to your inner Self.

Finding Your Heart Song

Let go of chatter, noise, distraction, roles, ideas, labels, and lower energy emotions.

Be prepared to dive into your pain, loss, love, joy and be prepared to surrender everything – the people, places, things, beliefs and ideas that no longer serve you in order to find this knowing.

What holds you back? It’s simple enough to say, that energetically – everything is either fear or love, and while this is true – there are layers of Becoming, where fear can serve us, if only to hear, in brief moments our Heart song.

In between all the things that do not work in your life, you will hear it –  in moments of silence, solitude or when you are at peace; the song plays.

And, in other ways, it sits hidden beneath the layers of life, waiting for us – in loss, illness, addiction, brokenness, depression, failed relationships, financial crisis, and so much more. Are you listening? What is it trying to tell you?

Your Heart Song will affirm that you are on track or speaks loudly in a multitude of ways, that you, dear one – have gone off course. It asks, “Are you listening?”

But your logical mind, dripping in fear says, “If I do, then what?”

Listen to Your Heart Song

Awakening takes courage and responsibility. Sometimes it means leaving others behind, or walking away from all the things we’ve built in our lives. It just all depends on how far you’ve been off your path, how long it’s been since you listened to your Heart Song.

It’s OK, but just ask yourself – When was the last time you heard it?

When you were 5 years old and played with paint? When you were 10 years old, playing the piano?  When you were 15 and got a home run? When you were 20 and traveled to Japan? When you were 40 and your marriage fell apart? When you were 50 and had a heart attack?  Did you hear it then, and did you finally listen?

What did it tell you? What is it, you were meant to do with this one wild and precious life? You know. You’ve always known, but the answer contains all the words you are afraid to speak, because you think that if you say it out loud, it will float out into the real world, away from your secret thoughts and dreams and then what on earth will you do?

Only you truly have the answer that fits your life, this is your Heart Song, which is as unique and precious as you are. But let me say this, take a look at someone you know (or know of) who lives a life filled with joy and purpose – I promise you, they have listened to the sound of their Heart, its song plays loud and clear, and yours can too.

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