PISCES June 2020 horoscope

11 Pisces

Though Venus retrograde has you (re)considering a big move, delaying home improvements or generally caught up in your private life, the lunar eclipse on the 5th brings a climactic moment for your career. If you’ve been avoiding putting yourself out there for a new position, standing up to your boss or making moves on a job change, there’s no running away now. As far as your health, Mars has been in your sign since mid-May and you may have been inspired to work out harder and longer. Be careful of over-exerting yourself on the 13th when you may be prone to exhaustion. On the 30th, you continue a collaborative project with your friends or coworkers that you began back in early April. Whatever it is, keep working to inspire.

Love Horoscope: The solar eclipse on the 21st falls in your romance and creativity sector which may force you out of your shell and on some kind of date. Even if you’re meeting up via FaceTime rather than IRL, be proud of yourself for trying something new!

Money Horoscope: Mars moves into your money sector on the 27th, and if you’ve been feeling ambivalent about your cash flow, it’s time to get inspired. On the 28th, you get some solid advice from a friend of a friend about budgeting or making investments. With Mars in Aries for the next six months, you have a lot of time to try things out

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