6 months into 2020, how many of your resolutions have you kept??

  1. Sleep more. NOPE!

Commit to those eight hours. Proper shuteye is linked to better mental health and a lower risk for physical health conditions.

  1. Cut back on sugar. NOPE!

It’s difficult but it can be life changing if you pull it off.

  1. Limit sodium intake. NOPE!

Too much sodium is linked to heart disease, high blood pressure and more.

  1. Pick up crafting. NOPE!

Experts say activities like knitting can ease anxiety and put you in a meditative state. And you get a scarf in the process? I have purchased needles and yarn, but haven’t touched them since I got them.

  1. Plan a trip. NOPE!

You’ll boost your mood instantly.. I planned a few, all got CANCELLED! 

  1. Go for strolls more often. YUP! 

It’s actually a really healthy exercise, according to science. Hit the pavement. It is not like I have many other choices these days! 

  1. Cut back on complaining. NOPE!

Negative thought patterns can increase stress levels. Try a mindful experiment where when you catch yourself complaining ― or thinking negatively ― you counteract it with something positive. Easier said than done at this time in our lives!! 

  1. Compliment someone once a day. NOPE!

And not just on their appearance. Genuine compliments can go a long way for both you and the other person. Who exactly??..

  1. Practice gratitude. YUP! 

Studies suggest that gratitude can improve overall well-being and may even boost physical health. Try keeping score of what you appreciate every day.

  1. Go to therapy. YUP! 

Therapy can be an incredibly useful tool for self discovery or as a way to work out life’s challenges.

  1. Forget what you were told about drinking eight glasses a day and aim for hydration instead.
  2. Commit to a strength-training routine. NOPE!

Building muscle can help protect you against injury and even sharpen your cognitive skills. Start small ― even just using your body weight ― and increase as you get stronger.

  1. Talk to more strangers. NOPE!

It pays to make a little eye contact.

  1. Say “no” more often. NOPE!

Burnout is real and it can happen in a blink of an eye. Make sure you’re prioritizing yourself and not saying “yes” to everything because it feels like an obligation. Self-care isn’t selfish.

  1. Use all of your vacation days. NOPE!

Taking a break is super important for your well-being. Don’t feel like taking a vacation? Try a mental health day, instead.

  1. Learn a language. NOPE!

Say “hej hej” or “bonjour” to a new life skill. Research even supports the theory that it’ll boost your brain.

  1. Forgive someone. YUP! 

Anger and resentment is like holding onto internal poison and can even harm your physical health. Life’s too short to not move on.

  1. Practice self-acceptance. In progress!

It’s actually a key to a happier life! Make your internal dialogue as kind as it would be if you were talking to your best friend.

  1. Say a mantra every day. In progress!

Mantras can keep you grounded in the moment, allowing you to reap the rewards of mindfulness.

  1. Cut back on alcohol. NOPE!

Sure, a little is fine! The negatives outweigh the positives in the long term in this case.

  1. Go outside more often.

Not only does it improve your mood, you get the added perks of exercise. Win-win.

  1. Make your bed every day.  In progress!

No act of organization is too small. And it may make you happier.

  1. Do an activity outside of your comfort zone. NOPE!

There’s a whole life to discover on the other side of your routine. Not to mention the fact that doing something different may boost creativity.

  1. Pick a theme for the year. YUP! 

This year is the best one yet, all of my dreams and desires will manifest, even better than I could have prayed for. The year of  Loving Me! 

  1. Fix your posture. In progress!

Straightening up is not only an instant confidence booster, it can also prevent back problems and reduce stress. Your future self may just thank you.

  1. Spend time with people who think differently than you do. NOPE!

Empathy, or the ability to walk in another’s shoes, is the foundation for a lot of positive perks. The more you expand yourself and open your eyes to different perspectives, the more open minded you become.

  1. Love yourself. In progress! 

Because you’re all you’ve got ― no matter what.

  1. Continue writing  In progress!

It will lead to the book you know you are meant to write and share

  1. Lower debt YUP! 

Focus on freedom

  1. Everything out of California YUP! 
  2. Madison NOPE!

Working towards the goal!

  1. Love, Partner, Soul Mate, Friend, Lover In progress!

Because I deserve it.

Well, these are tricky. Since, I didn’t see the pandemic happening.

So, getting to the gym, didn’t happen. Paying down debt, has not been easy, because I am bored at home, working part time, and shopping online.

I did get into a relationship but “honeymoon” period never really happened, we are stuck either indoors or walking outside. He wants to be outdoors, I want to be inside. See the problem!

Lose weight? How if I am bored with little to distract me from the kitchen!

Stop smoking, what?? What else can I do with all this time on my hands….eat…..??? Vicious cycle…..!!!!

Travel…. NOPE! 

I am really looking forward to this all being over! 

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 


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