The law of attraction in action ~ part 2

You see, the Law of Attraction is a law of physics, like the Law of Gravity. It affects you whether you are aware of it and understand it, or whether you don’t. It responds to your innermost thoughts and feelings, bringing you more things of the same vibration. Science totally supports this, it’s no longer just a new-age theory. Quantum physics tells us everything is made of energy, including us. We’re vibrational beings living in a vibrational world — small energy fields living in one big energy field. You consist of vibrating energy just like everything around you, and your thoughts and feelings act like magnets, drawing your experiences to you.

You literally attract to yourself the things you focus on the most, and the more emotion you attach to these thoughts, the quicker it comes. You really do create your own reality, and when you begin gently guiding your thoughts and feelings, you can start creating the kind of life you really want. I’ve seen people work with the Law of Attraction to heal their bodies, their relationships, and their finances. I’ve done it myself, and you can too, starting today!

Your thoughts are like powerful magnets that attract other thoughts. In fact, these thoughts attract so powerfully, you only have to hold a thought for 16 seconds and the Law of Attraction will draw more thoughts of a similar nature to you. Hold it for just over a minute and you’ll begin drawing the essence of your thoughts to you. Your imagination can really help you out here, or it can work against you! Luckily, that too is completely under your control.

For example, we’ve all had those ‘bad days’ when everything seems to go wrong. Things seemingly beyond your control that actually are of your own making. You might start the day stubbing your toe getting out of bed, then spill coffee on your outfit, forcing you to change clothes. Like Alice in Wonderland’s White Rabbit you rush around, one eye on your watch, muttering you’re going to be late.

Moments later you’re in a traffic jam or miss your bus, making you late for work, annoying your boss and co-workers. Your mood goes South in a big way. Business deals fall through, you might even find out you’ve been laid-off. You go home, taking your bad mood with you, get in an argument with your spouse or kids, and the day continues to spiral downward. In the end, you wish you hadn’t gotten out of bed in the first place.

Sound familiar? Any of you had a day like this? Then you go to bed, rehashing it all as you drift off to sleep, really hoping tomorrow won’t be the same. The problem is because you’re still focused on the unpleasantness, you’re sending those ‘my life sucks’ vibes out into the world, so you’re actually setting yourself up to attract another day just like it. Fortunately, we’ve also all had the kind of day when you wake with a smile on your lips, You’re wearing your favorite outfit, having a fabulous hair day, all the traffic lights are green, and you find a parking spot just where you need one. You get a bonus or get a surprise raise, someone treats you to lunch, and the day just keeps getting better and better.

Wouldn’t you like to have more of those kinds of days? Then you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn how much control you actually have over this!

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