July horoscope for PISCES

11 Pisces

Quarantine has given you a break from being an emotional sponge, but you’re forced to break some social boundaries on the 1st as Saturn returns to your friendship sector. At the lunar eclipse on the 5th, surround yourself with people who inspire you rather than those you think you have to hang out with. The new moon in Cancer on the 20th gets you back in touch with your creativity that has felt elusive for the last few months. Finally, you’re ready to read that feminist retelling of King Lear (or at least, try that difficult cake recipe). By the 30th, you’re at a place you can share something you’ve made with the world—or at least with everyone who follows you on Instagram.

Love Horoscope: Through the 12th, Mercury retrograde has you pining for a long-lost ex or a distant crush. Instead of giving into the urge to be the “ex who texts,” focus on manifesting a future-oriented and ideal relationship. At the new moon on the 20th, you finally meet someone worth your attention.

Money Horoscope: With Mars transiting your personal finance sector for the next six months, money is constantly coming in and going right back out. But if you have the power to earn, you also have the power to save. On the 27th, a long overdue invoice is finally paid so put that cash somewhere safe.

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