When We Face Any Kind Of Challenging Time…

Now Is The Time For…

When we face any kind of challenging time, such as the one the world is currently going through, we have an amazing opportunity – we get to see how we’re doing with our mind. Is our mind out of control and controlling us with a constant stream of negative thoughts?  Or are we in charge and feeling happy despite what is happening, directing our thoughts toward what we want?  Our mind loves the turbulent energy of drama and emotional upset, and it’s at those times we become more susceptible to negative thinking due to the velocity of negative thoughts. Right now is a great opportunity to strengthen your resolve, and to stop believing any negative thoughts or negative stories that the thoughts conjure up.  If your thoughts have been running you, enough is enough. It is time to think positively – right now! Now is the time for gratitude, positive thoughts, thoughts of appreciation, thoughts of what you want, and thoughts of how you want your life to be. It’s always the right time for these thoughts, and if you want your life to be miraculous, they should be the only thoughts you ever entertain.


May Perfect Health Be With You,

Rhonda Byrne

The Secret 

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