You are in control ~part 3

What’s happening in both of these examples is, as you’re living your life and noticing what’s going on around you, you’re emitting vibrations of a particular frequency. In other words, your personal ‘vibes’ are always good, bad, or somewhere in-between. And wherever you’re at vibrationally, the Law of Attraction is always lining up thoughts, people and experiences that match it, and bringing them to you.

Thoughts and feelings based on fear or anger vibrate at a much lower frequency than those of love and joy. If you’re looking around thinking, ‘I really like my life’, feeling happy about your hair, body, cat, car, garden, or anything else, you’re vibrating love and appreciation. These thoughts not only make you feel good, they attract more thoughts of things to appreciate and feel good about, which brings wonderful things and experiences into your life.

On the other hand, if you’re consumed with thoughts of how much you don’t like your current situation, nothing around you feels satisfactory. Not only are you temporarily blinded to the good things in your life, you’re actively attracting more things you won’t like because the Law of Attraction is now lining up with thoughts, people and circumstances matching that frequency. I admit it takes a bit of doing to wrap your head around this. No one wants to think they’re personally responsible for the crap in their lives! It’s much more satisfying to play the blame game. It’s the slow driver ahead of you who made you late. Your miserable boss or co-workers are the reason you hate your job. Your rotten childhood, spouse, or ex-spouse is to blame for your unhappy life. But isn’t it more empowering to think you have some control over it all?

What if looking on the bright side of things actually encourages more brightness in your life? What if feeling good attracts good things and situations to you? And what if your fear that something won’t happen is keeping it from you? Isn’t this worth exploring?

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