Recipe for happiness ~ part 4

Your recipe for happiness is pretty simple. It basically boils down to this: no matter what’s currently going on in your life, you want to feel as good as you possibly can. Because when you put good energy out, you attract good things, and when you put negative energy out, you attract negative things. The simplest way to keep that energy out-put good is to feel good. So what makes you feel good? Thinking happy, positive thoughts puts you in a good frame of mind, which attracts good things to you.

Thinking negative, worrisome thoughts makes you feel bad, attracting negative things. Creating the kind of life you want isn’t all that difficult, it’s just a matter of paying attention to your emotions, noticing when you’re slipping into a sour mood, and taking the time to turn it around any way you can.

To help you remember the importance of your thoughts and their ability to shape your life, try mentally replacing the word ‘thinking’ with ‘planning’, because whenever you’re thinking about anything you’re actually pre-planning your future. That’s why worrying is never a wise mental activity. It’s using your powerful imagination to create something you don’t want!

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