Before You Think Another Thought 💭

No matter where you are in the world right now, no matter what your country might be facing – it’s time to think positively about every circumstance surrounding your life.  In what appears to be the harshest of circumstances, we can completely change our life.


In the Great Depression there were those who thrived with the knowledge of The Secret.  More recently using the same principles, there are those who have eradicated every kind of disease from their bodies, those who completely transformed their relationships, started businesses, got massive promotions and pay rises, brought wealth, passed exams, got jobs when there appeared to be none, and who are happy and have completely turned their life around. Because the law of attraction doesn’t know or care what’s happening in the world – it is responding to your every thought – and then sending that exact thought back to you dressed up as the circumstances of your life.


Now is the time to think positively – to think about what you want – to talk about what you want – and to halt all thoughts and words of what you don’t want.  Now is the time to change your life – you can thrive – right now!


May the joy be with you,

Rhonda Byrne

The Secret… bringing joy to billions

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