Move to Spruce

I recently moved to a much bigger apartment, which is only a mile from my new job. I love my apartment, I am enjoying my new job, I like the area. It is all new, and I am happy.

The move itself, was not fun in any way. Going up and down three flights of stairs thousands of times while carrying either heavy or bulky or both, is stressful, painful and tiring. The amount of bruises I had all over my body, especially my arms, was alarming. I am surprised no one pulled me aside to ask if I was beaten up or in a domestic violence relationship.

I did a lot of the moving myself, even though I did hire an almost useless guy with a truck to help, and my boyfriend who was HUGE help! The outcome would have been terrible  if not for him, and his unmeasurable help.

As everyone knows, the  move is not done, when you think you have everything in your new place, oh no! You still have to unpack, give your things their new home, relocate some, buy some, throw out the boxes and packing material that took time and effort to get in the first place, clean,  donate, the list goes on.

I can happily say that after being here for almost a month, I have everything I need and want for my new place. I am more in love with it and know this is the place I should be. I am excited about my future and what it holds.

To moving forward in life, especially if it scares you!

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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