5 Essential Tips To Care For Your Soul

By Sarah Wilkinson

Soul Care

Many of us go about our daily lives focusing on the earthly routines of work, earning money, “providing” for our family, a nice home, gadgets, clothes, etc. These are all lower chakra orientated and don’t nourish us on a higher spiritual level.

One important thing to remember is that we don’t have souls, we have bodies. We ARE souls.

If that realization is allowed to sink in then a whole new way of being can take shape. No longer are we simply a body with a brain, mind and an “inner-self,” we are instead an infinite consciousness, part of a vast and eternal universe that we are not in our earthly vessels designed to master the meaning of.

To live well here we must simply abide by and work with the laws of nature and the universe that are provided for us and stop with our controlling and reasoning attitudes.

Trust in a Higher Power

We each have a role to play that is part of a much bigger concept than simply life on earth.

Every breath, thought, action and word uttered from our mouths affects the entire cosmos in ways we will never know, or need to know.

What we are left with, therefore, is trust, a trust like no other in the greater more omnipotent power that created us. We walk this earth as children to serve God and we come here to face duality. It’s a test, a game if you like.

We must live with our shadow sides every waking hour of every day, for we were created to face challenges and to grow and remember our true divinity and power before returning “home.”

Like a fire our lives can combust at any given moment, but with the practice of soul care we can handle even major changes with wisdom and grace.

We can remain centered and at ease, knowing that we would not be gifted these opportunities for growth and conscious remembrance if we were not ready for them.

Shifting Consciousness

Earth is shifting, evolving in consciousness and so must we.

It is therefore a very special time to be here, a better time than ever before and a chance to really create heaven on earth and to step out of purgatory, no longer flitting between the extremes of the light and the dark on a rollercoaster of adrenalin.

Balance must be struck now internally, just as represented in the yin and yang symbol.

The soul is perfect in its essence, by listening to it, respecting and caring for it, optimal health, wellbeing and vitality can be yours.

5 Tips for Soul Care:

  1. Stop, just stop for long enough to reflect on your life and assess where you are. Start to consider the bigger questions like, “does my lifestyle fulfil me?” or “am I truly at peace with myself and others? Am I carrying any unnecessary old wounds? Who and what needs forgiving?”
  2. Get into nature for at least 30 minutes 5 days a week. Ideally you should do this every day and observe the tiniest of details out there.
  3. Turn off all phones, tablets, laptops, TVs and gadgets for 1 day every week, or have them on only for 3-5 hours per day in total.
  4. List 3 activities or occasions where you have felt completely “yourself,” happy, balanced, in your element. Are you doing enough to recreate these in everyday life, or are they just a once in a blue moon experience for you?
  5. Start a gratitude journal.  At the end of each day list as many things as possible that have either brought you joy or an opportunity for learning and growth.

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