Subtle Self Sabotage Every Empath Needs To Be Aware Of

By Stacy Lee

As young as infancy, humans recoil in confusion about artificial intelligence in the form of something that looks human, i.e., a robot. Even babies with no cognitive ability to discern, feel dissonance in the face of something that looks real, being fake. This, until death do us part, is the life of an empath.

As an empath grows from a more visceral heart-centered awareness into a cognitive one, our psyche’s job is to braid the faces we actually see, with the energy going on behind the face. This is a confusing task for an empathic child because most of us were born into families where there was a face that we understood through unspoken rules, was to be preserved as our image, but our whole lives operated under feeling terrible just to keep the face “looking” like it doesn’t actually feel terrible.

That job will eventually take a toll, not only on our psyche and emotional well-being but also our physical health.

On empathy

If you feel more deeply than most, you have a desire for peace stronger than you have a desire to uphold the facade you watch others put up just to ‘save face,’ you can viscerally feel the mental, emotional, cognitive, or physical sensations of others more often than your own inner sensations, and people have always been drawn to you because it’s easy to be around you as you’re someone whose always been able to meet people where they are “vibrationally speaking” rather than meet them where their image is, you’re likely an empath.

Most empaths grow up using empathy as a survival tool which affords them the safety of knowing exactly how everyone else feels in a room. They’ll know their mother’s mood before she walks in the door, their sister’s heartbreak though she’s never said it, the imprints of terrible things passerby’s on the street hold in their energy field, and the physical pain of their grandmother’s broken leg before the call comes to say grandma broke her leg.

We grow to know what everyone else feels so we can acquiesce ourselves for their comfort to ensure we’ll be loved, but we never learn how we feel. The most subtle self-destructive energy forms an untrained empath can embark on are two-fold: not taking her empathy seriously, and not knowing who’s is what. Here’s why.

Empathy is real

Empathy is a real thing. Feelings are energetic impulses that are transferable. An empath who picks up on those impulses who doesn’t believe her empathy is real, or know she’s an empath, will receive those feelings and believe that they’re hers to work out. Let’s say for instance, you wake up with severe neck pain and immediately feel resistance to showing up to work, to facing the day, and your first instinct is to either call the doctor or pop a pill because damn it, you’ve got a pain in the neck and it’s about to ruin your day.

Two hours later, at work, your 10:00 client comes in, neck to the side, saying it hurts. Now you know that emotions that aren’t worked through will wreak havoc on the body, but what you didn’t know was that the way to solve your own neck pain, was to wait two more hours to meet this client in your office where together you’ll do work to transmute this neck pain. Your client leaves, and an hour later, the pain in you has sifted through itself, nowhere to be found. Had you started your day calling off of work, calling a doctor and popping a pill, you’d never have correlated that you were empathizing with a client.

Thoughts are things

What you didn’t know is that thoughts are things, transferrable like feelings, and that if a client with a neck pain is thinking about coming to see you that day, the highly sensitive empath will feel the braid of those thoughts with those feelings and feel their imprint on her own energy field before the two physically meet. The ultimate problem with this is that the empath who is used to being the dumping ground for other people’s thoughts and feelings will not only feel bipolar in this dynamic, she’ll think that the neck pain, or the heartbreak, or the jealousy, or whatever it is, is hers. Then, the tragedy. Here’s when the untrained empath creates from other people’s inner places believing they are hers and can subtly self-destruct her own life.

Say you feel jealousy in relation to your partner though your partner and you are super solid. If the untrained empath is picking up on this energetic pattern of someone she’s close to, she’ll take her perfectly solid relationship, start questioning it while assuming what’s making her jealous must be something her partner is doing behind her back that she just can’t put her finger on. So down the rabbit hole she’ll go, snooping, questioning, taking perfectly good moments and smashing them to put her finger on something she can feel but can’t see.

You see how destructive this could be to her relationship merely because she hasn’t sorted out that those feelings and thoughts she’s picking up on, aren’t hers to work out but the friend who called last night to complain about her relationship? They’re experiences moving through her, that got stuck because she looked at them long enough to own them. From there, she created destructively from them.

Understand thoughts, feelings, energy is transferable and if you’re an empath you’re the clearest energy field most people have got to bring the unbearable ones to, in order to be transmuted. Take your empathy seriously and under all circumstances that you can feel yourself down the rabbit hole of anxiety, insecurity, fear etc, be open to the possibility that those feelings don’t belong to you, they’ve just come in, to pass through. Whatever you do, never create a thing under those vibrations.

After all, other people creating from those places is what kept the face, the fake image, and the feelings underneath the image, real, and really terrible your whole life while you watched something real, pretend to be something artificial.

Keep it real my love, really open. Your empathy won’t kill you, but it might drive you crazy until you learn to discern it. Stay open to real, even if it hurts. What we close our hearts around, trying to avoid, will only keep in, that which we wish to avoid. God forbid, you carry around every energy pattern of everyone else on the planet who’s in avoidance and keep it as your own. Under those conditions, you’ll never be the healer you’re capable of being. Stay open, let it pass, and notice who’s creating and who’s experiencing within you. More often than not for a true empath, most of what is in you, didn’t come from being with you, but came from without you. You don’t have to believe everything in you, is yours

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