5 Mantras To Manifest Miracles

By Laurie Gay Beard

There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. – Albert Einstein

Three years ago, my friend’s now-booming company was just an idea. On our long walks we’d brainstorm ideas for her theoretical juice company. Today, her organic, cold-pressed juice business flourishes.

She credits all of her success to her studies in miracles.

Why do we care about miracles?

My friend says that her studies of the book, A Course In Miracles, brought her great success. Many others credit this same text for their “miraculous” success, such as Gabriel Bernstein and Marianne Williamson.

What is a Miracle?

I took a poll of connotations around the word, “miracle.” My findings:

  • a person raised from the dead
  • water turned into wine
  • the blind regaining sight
  • an event that cannot be explained by modern science

All of these examples are pretty grand occurrences.

A Course In Miracles teaches a very different definition for a miracle:

A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love.

“A miracle is a correction introduced into false thinking by me.” This means, we think something that is false, and the miracle is the correction of our false thinking back to right-thinking.A miracle is an everyday occurrence, according to the book.

A miracle is an everyday occurrence, according to the book.

Miracles are natural.

“When [miracles] do not occur something has gone wrong.”

We don’t “manifest” miracles. They are everywhere, according to A Course In Miracles.

Rather than trying to create a miracle, if we’re not seeing miracles, we find out why we’re not seeing them.

Where are Our Miracles?

See if you can find a miracle for yourself, right now.

Remember that a miracle is a shift in perception, from fear to love.

Start here: Consider a situation that you wish were different, where things are just not how you want them to be, and use these five mantras to manifest miracles.

  1. Name the worst-case scenario. What’s the worst possible outcome in this un-ideal situation? Now that you have this disaster in mind, consider what you would do if this actually happened. Would you still be breathing, still living? It might be bone-crushingly hard, you may have to start over as a single person or in a new career, but life, your life, would go on. It might even be possible that this disaster is just the atom bomb your life needs, for reasons you can’t possible know, right now. This mantra invites us to see that the worst possible outcome cannot be all-bad.
  2. Name the ideal scenario. What’s the best possible outcome in this tricky situation? Get clear on what you want (not what your significant other wants; not what your boss wants; not what your peers want; not what your parents want). Name your heartfelt desire for this. Do you allow yourself to believe this outcome is possible, and even likely? And do you allow yourself to see the difficulties inherent in this outcome, as exist in all outcomes? This mantra invites us to see that the “ideal” outcome is a possibility for you, and it would not rescue us, but provide different benefits and burdens in our lives.
  3. Name how your existence is in one small way, miraculous. Name something routine in your existence, today, and how its existence depended on a lot of forces collaborating. For instance, how you found this article: all of the forces that had to collaborate for me to write it [I had to meet my friend, Kelley, years ago; she had to come into town last week; I needed to write about it; you needed to find this website]. All of the forces that had to collaborate for you to be reading these words is miraculous. How is it a miracle that you are where you are, in your life, today?
  4. Find one possibility to open yourself to. When we can open our hearts to what is right there, that a moment ago we would not have believed, we have changed the course of our lives in an instant. Are you willing to open yourself to the one possibility – the possibility that you’ll have what you want, the possibility that you’ll finish what you’ve started, the possibility that tomorrow may be a good day, or the possibility that you may have what you need to obtain what you want?
  5. Surrender your attachment to outcome. The fastest way to repel miracles is to desperately need them. Can you make a wish and release attachment to the outcome? That shift in perception creates the space needed for your every-day miracle to occur.

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