5.17.19 Call

Just called my Mother to check in on her, since I didn’t get a chance to talk her on Mother’s Day. She said she was feeling horrible and sick on that day, she couldn’t answer the phone, which is what I thought.

She was feeling good this day, and I could hear it over the phone, it made me happy to hear her spirits was up. She bolstered about going to an event with my Brother, as to make me feel jealous, or guilt.

Not once did she ask me how I was doing. Nothing out of the normal. It is always about Mommy dearest!

She did tell me, that she will be going to San Diego traveling by train to see her friends, this also made me happy to hear that she is well enough, to travel. Until I realized that when I had asked my Sister about Me coming to visiting our Mother, one of her excuses for me NOT to visit, was that my Mother was losing her hair and didn’t want to be seen, by anyone!  I guess that “anyone” was Me.

I honestly try to be there for them, to be present, but I am not allowed, the rejection continues.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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