The Essential Steps To Proper Crystal Care

By Kacey Mya

Crystal Care

In order for your crystals to take good care of you, you must take good care of them. Proper care and keeping of your crystals help them achieve their highest potential. Your crystal care regimen should include cleaning, charging, activating, and programming. Here’s a crash course to help you make sure you and your crystals remain in tip-top shape.

Why Clean?

Crystals absorb and transform the energy and vibrations around them. This transformation is what makes them useful to us. They can absorb negative energy and reverse it into positive energy. Crystals that are used frequently do not have the necessary time to cleanse themselves of bad energy. If we do not cleanse them, they can become saturated and lose effectiveness.

How to Clean

There are several methods to thoroughly clean crystals, including watersalt, and soil.

To clean a crystal with water, simply submerge it in running water. Tap water will do, but a naturally flowing river or stream is best. If you don’t have access to a river or stream, simply visualize a flowing body of water, such as a waterfall, as you rinse your stone. Salt can be added to water as part of the cleanse, or it can be used on its own. To cleanse using only salt, place your crystal in a bed of rock salt for a day or two.

The soil method of cleansing crystals involves burying them in the Earth. Soil is rich in quartz and will cleanse your stone of negative energy. If your crystal only requires light cleansing, you can use the smudge, breath, or energy techniques. The smudge technique involves cleaning with the smoke of sacred herbs such as lavender, cedar, or sage. The breath technique requires you to you hold your crystal, focus on it, and center your breathing to blow the bad energies from the stone as you exhale.

To cleanse with energy, simply channel light energy from the universe around you through your hands and into the crystal.

When to Clean

Cleanse any crystal that is new to you. If you’ve had the stone for a while, pay attention to its sheen. When the crystal loses its luster, it’s probably due for a cleanse. Perform a cleansing ceremony any time your stone was used for group guidance or was handled by several people. In addition, you’ll want to cleanse your crystal after a major negative or emotional event such as death, illness, or conflict.


Crystals gain their power through light and vibration, so to recharge them, you must expose them to light and the vibrations of other positive stones. An hour in the sunlight will effectively recharge most stones. Light-colored stones enjoy the gentle charge of a full moon’s light. If you have several pieces of quartz, cluster them together, and they will recharge themselves.


When you activate your crystal, you’re tuning into it, and it’s tuning into you. You can activate your stone by holding it, rolling it around in your hands, and spending time with it. Always remember to charge your stone after activation.


After your crystal has been cleansed, activated, and charged, you need to program it. To program (or dedicate) your stone, you must first decide what its purpose will be for you. Each crystal has its own meaning, but you can further refine its purpose from there. Once you have divined its purpose, dedicate the crystal to that purpose by affirmation and visualization.

Crystal Meanings

As mentioned above, crystals have different meanings, so seek out stones that will have an effect on the part of your life you’re intent on improving. It’s not just the type of stone that can differentiate the meaning—colors can, too. For example, diamonds in different colors have unique meanings. Blue diamonds bring about feelings of peace and relaxation, while black diamonds improve stamina.

A crystal collection is an investment worth proper care. By using these techniques, your stones will provide you with positive energy flow for many years to come.

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