On the plane

I’m on my flight to LAX, my feelings and thoughts were everywhere.

I felt at peace with sudden waves of sadness. Just writing this brings tears to my eyes. I prayed that my Mother would wait for me to see her before she departed this world. Then she is free to return home, where her soul can heal, learn, most importantly not suffer or be in pain. I wish her soul a safe and quick journey, where she will be greeted by her Soul mates with welcoming arms.

Her Soul chose a painful, difficult path this time, it was not easy for her to endure, but she did! She put up a brave fight and gave it her all.

She leaves behind three children and a granddaughter, who continue to love her and always will.

For me personally, I’ve lost the opportunity for us to heal, for her to see and know the real me, here on earth. I know she will once she is gone.

I believe we would have a much better relationship when she is home, I knew she would be with me and protect me they way she didn’t here on earth. Perhaps she will be able to love me, just as I am.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed!

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