Nov 15th, 2019 reading with Medium

Reading on Nov 15th with Amy

She had requested I send her pictures of people still living, I wanted to talk about.

As soon as the reading started she brought up my Mom, she mentioned that she has some cardio issues or problems with her heart. Panic, anxiety and stress. Weakness in her chest area, not bad but needs to be monitored, she asked me if she taking blood thinners to keep her from clotting. Says my Mom is really scared and has tremendous amount of fear. She asked if she has had an illness, that is similar to one she had before. The angels want her to know she will be o.k.

She is scared of not taking care of things, financially. She is not worried about dying. She might be relieved that she can relax a bit, since she has been through it before. This won’t kill her, the medium was more concerned about my Mothers heart. She needs to follow up and follow through.

Someone around my Mom  is causing her stress, it seems my Mother finds herself annoyed, and irritated with my niece and Sister. My mom can be nasty to them including my sisters husband.

Mike! My guides are letting me know he is still tied to me, and I need to cut the cords. (Stephan and Melissa now together)

Grandmother (Little Grandma) wants me to relax, have a sense of humor, don’t get overly excited, things are going to gradually work themselves out.

She told me to continue working my relationship with my sister.  She says our relationship would be good, if not for my mother, she is the one causing all the drama and separation in my relationships with my siblings.  It is going to change, they know what my intention is,  and know I have no idea what is happening, the relationships will evolve.

My Mom only tells parts of things, creates drama, she is at the nucleus of the problem. Mom is VERY much in control of how things are going with my siblings and my niece.

She suggested I just check in, be loving, be me, NOT try to be overly involved. I am not meant to be there. I should pray for them. They are too toxic, my sister will figure out my Mom through this.

I am one of the healthier members of the family. They are toxic. While I am a high functioning, human, healing and loving those who choose not to give the same to me.

Martini and olives, Liza.

Patterns, I need to meditate, to release and let go of past things. I should take baths with Epson salt. Dr. Bronners has a wash to clear my aura. Because I absorb a lot from them and others negative energy. 

Reject patterns, but it is still in my aura, I need to get rid of it. I will attract someone in Late January/February, as I become more at peace with family, it is not a big deal.

Ancestral works on family members as well, as I do it, take notice of their behavior with me. Voltaire, loves me, he knows how strong I am, they fear me because they feel I am confrontational.

There is something about me, which is very real for them.

Disney, which is where I should meet up with them and spend time with them.

23? No idea why this number came up or what it means/meant…. Only thing that comes to mind is 23andme….

My holidays are going to be blessed and happy, releasing all the energy I have been holding onto, I will have more physical energy. No energy is old attachments. Stay the course, do not get involved, work on myself.

Try Hinge.

Since this reading, my Mother passed away on Nov. 2nd 2020. I found out she had a heart attack two weeks before her demise.

My Siblings didn’t tell me how bad things were until the last minute, I barely got a chance to travel to California to see my Mother before she left earth. They blocked me for speaking to her directly or having any alone time with her. This will weigh on me forever.

The medium was right about meeting someone in January or February as well, I met the guy I have been dating for almost ten months now. However, this relationship is running its course, it has served its purpose. I have had another reading since this one.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed!

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