Letter to Mother 10.31.2020

I wrote this letter to my Mother, more to express my feelings, thoughts, etc. I knew she would never read it.


I wish you knew how much I tried with You. How much your disdain and criticism hurt me & my Soul. You never knew me. You made up a fictitious Rebeca and sold her to my siblings. They punished, beat me, both physically and emotionally, excluded me and disrespected me. These behaviors and way of treating me hurt me to my core, it is hard to blame them when I know where they learned to treat me like that. YOU!

I have to forgive you and set this pain free, the scars and the hurt will always be there, I have to learn to see them and not be reminded and feel the intense pain of betrayal.

Thanks to you, I am strong, independent a warrior, a protector, I am better than I knew or thought I could be. Your rejection made me fearless and gave me wings to soar far from you all. Because of you my soul has gained wisdom, kindness and empathy for others.

The lessons you forked out, were so painful I can hardly believe I endured them and instead of giving up on life, I chose to grow.

You always asked me to love you, to that I say “DITTO”!

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed!

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