Cruelty at its worst

I am one of the few! Sometimes by choice!

I went to California to see my Mother, I really had no idea she was literally on her death bed, she passed away two days after I arrived, I only got to spent a few hours with her. My Sister who was her care giver, did not allow me any alone time with her, after her passing I was not allowed to spend any time with my siblings, see them or grieve with them, not even walk into the house, my sister said I could pick up an envelope my Mother had left for me, but I had to call her when I arrived, that she would come out to hand it to me. That morning I had spoken to my Sister in law asking her to convey any information I should know, since my siblings were not telling me anything, I ended our call by saying, please give my brother my condolences and tell him I love him. To be told hours later, that I cannot come into my Mother’s home because he is in there, came as a shock! Isn’t a time like this a time, to put down your weapons, and everything else, to come together as Family?

I can hardly believe the cruelty of my siblings, and also their significant others to allow this to happen. She was also my Mother, they knew I was in LA alone, they did not care to show any compassion to their sibling who was also mourning and in pain, not to mention all alone. I don’t know where this anger and hatred towards me comes from.

I am working on forgiving them because I know I have to, it has not been easy at all, the memory and thought of their lack of empathy and compassion, tears my heart to pieces, breaking me down to my core. If someone else told me this happened to them, I would find it difficult to believe, since I cannot fathom how any human being could be so intentionally cruel.

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