December 2020 Pisces Overview Horoscope

December 2020 Pisces Overview Horoscope

December Snapshot

It might not be your style to start thinking about goals before the new year, but in 2020, you are SO ready to do exactly that. And the stars support your mission! The Sun’s in Sagittarius and your career sector for the first three weeks of the month, catalyzed by a total solar eclipse on December 14. Your plans and priorities could make a sudden pivot—but whichever direction they turn, you’ll be playing in a brand-new league.

The winter solstice on December 21 is extraordinary this year as it also marks the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, an exact alignment that only happens every 20 years. Get ready for a spiritual and creative awakening, one that you’ve never before experienced! You may be saying goodbye to one chapter of your life in order to make way for something that truly speaks to your soul. Be willing to release something that no longer serves you, so the stars can rewire your line to the divine with a high-speed connection.

Weeks 1 and 2: December 1-13

Get down to business

Might as well get to work! With the holidays all but canceled, you may feel more grateful than Grinchy that Sagittarius season, your peak career month, is happening in December. The distraction of productivity (and profit, at a time when it’s most needed) will be welcomed. The Sun is in Sagittarius and your goal-oriented, ambitious tenth house until Monday, December 21, joined by mental Mercury here from December 1 to 20. Use your creativity, communication skills and social media outlets to get an advantageous leg up. Since music is the native language of many Pisces, add the lesser-known Prince gem “Let’s Work” to your playlist and set the tone for an upbeat, unconventional holiday season.

But try to stay balanced when workaholic mode kicks in or your rebellious streak will make a showing. The urge to escape your duties could hit hard on Sunday, December 13, when Mercury will square off against your ruler Neptune in Pisces. Give yourself a big timeout as a reward for your toils. Just don’t go so far to the extreme that you put yourself at risk health-wise.

Week 3: December 14-20

Step up and step out (remember your mask!)

Chill time is officially over, Pisces! The rest of the month will move at an active pace as the stars get busy all the way until the calendar turns. It all starts on Monday, December 14, when a total solar (new moon) eclipse lands in your tenth house of career and success. Is it time to step into a leadership role or pursue your true path? Ready or not, this game-changing eclipse could set the stage for a big transition. You may leave one professional position and move into another, get a smoking-hot new client or be offered a promotion with perks.
This could unfold over the next six months, or it could happen abruptly and out of the blue. At eclipses, the number one rule is to expect the unexpected!
This week, TWO planets—lucky Jupiter and structured Saturn—will both move into Aquarius and your twelfth house of healing, creativity and release for extended tours. On Thursday, December 17, structured Saturn ends a three-year term in Capricorn and moves into Aquarius, where it will remain until March 6, 2023. And in a rare convergence, this Saturday, December 19, expansive Jupiter also exits Capricorn and moves into Aquarius until December 28, 2021.
Ever since December 2017, the people on Team Pisces have been leveling up as mature and structured Saturn marched through Capricorn and your eleventh house of collaboration and technology. Saturn transits can teach us tough lessons, but this one was relatively gentle—and vastly improved the integrity of your inner circle.
As an empathic Fish, you’ve got a generous heart for some of the most difficult and downtrodden characters—and if we’re being honest, not all of them deserved a place in your aquarium. Saturn came along and cleaned out your metaphorical tank, stocking your pond with folks who had true character. You learned that “less is more” when it comes to friendships—and that the company you keep deeply reflects on you.

The eleventh house also rules collaborations, social justice and community, and while enthusiastic Jupiter visited Capricorn from December 2019 until this week, your inner activist was awakened. You learned the power of working with a diverse and respectful crew. As your fellow Pisces Ruth Bader Ginsburg once said, “You can disagree without being disagreeable.” That was a banner you were asked to carry in 2020, cosmically speaking.
The current divisive state of the world wounds your tender Piscean heart—it’s the antithesis of what you fundamentally stand for, even as a “dual-natured” sign. And going forward, your healing powers are about to be in high demand.
As Jupiter and Saturn move into Aquarius and your mystical, closure-focused twelfth house (Jupiter for the first time since 2009, Saturn since 1994), the next year of your life will be colored by its themes. You may feel like you’re on a long artistic or spiritual retreat, which isn’t the worst thing for you!
It just so happens that, as the twelfth sign of the zodiac, Pisces is the natural ruler of this zodiac zone. Being doubly blessed by structured Saturn and inspirational Jupiter in your home court could turn you into a heavy-hitter in an artistic, musical or healing field. If you work in a nonprofit or around any social issues, you could rise to a leadership role. Where can you bring more love, art and compassion to the universe, Pisces?
The twelfth house rules endings, and you may navigate some closure or forgiveness work. As the veil between this plane and the supernatural lifts, you could get into hypnosis, mediumship or plugging into the divine however you choose. Meditation, breathwork and visualization can all become regular practices, if they aren’t already.
Mark your calendar for Monday, December 21, when Jupiter and Saturn unite at the closest point in their orbits since 1623. This event, called the Great Conjunction, combines Jupiter’s enthusiasm with Saturn’s pragmatism. These two powerhouse planets only travel through the same zodiac sign simultaneously every 20 years. When they do, we feel double the vibration of whatever sign they’re in. Our loftiest ambitions can also become reality. For a sign like yours that can get dreamy and drifty, you’ll be grateful to have Saturn putting some architecture and deadlines behind your visions. Get ready for a huge portal to open, Pisces. Emotional and spiritual breakthroughs await!

Week 4: December 21-31

Wired and tired

You THOUGHT you were ready to slow down…but your friends have other ideas. Right as the Great Conjunction ignites your restful, spiritual twelfth house, your social life picks up speed. This Monday, December 21, brings the Sun’s entry into Capricorn and your eleventh house, a time for teamwork and togetherness. Even if you’re skipping the in-person holidays, you could be racking up Zoom invites or feeling obligated to send festive gifts to your circle. (Yup, last-minute Christmas shopping can be just as hectic online.)
Pace yourself between now and January 19 because you could be both wired and tired. While you’ll certainly crave the company of your favorite people, even if it’s by phone/video, there will be times that you quickly run out of steam. Let yourself recuperate and don’t overload your schedule. You need that Piscean solitude and dream time to keep yourself balanced.
One day that could push you over the edge is Wednesday, December 23, when stressful Mars and volatile Pluto clash in an intense square, driving up conflict. This is the third of 2020’s three Mars-Pluto squares; the other two were on August 13 and October 9. With angsty Mars in your money sector, you could feel the stress of pre-holiday deadlines or expenses. And as manipulative Pluto in your group sector T-bones the red planet, the pressure to go in on a group cost, for example, could leave you seething. Why should YOU pay an equal share of something when others will benefit more? The workload on a team project could also be unfairly divided, and you could feel dumped on by your crew.
While you might normally suck it up (not that this is a good thing), the Mars-Pluto square could push you over the edge. Before you snap, try to work this out through dialogue. But know that you might be dealing with a lot of emotional blackmail, and someone could even gaslight you into feeling like you’re wrong for standing up for yourself. Don’t take the bait, Pisces. It’s more than okay to have boundaries.
If you really need to get things off your chest, your chance could arrive at the annual Cancer full moon this Tuesday, December 29. As la luna illuminates your fifth house of passion and self-expression, you won’t be able to hold anything back—including your attraction to someone. You may not be able to get under any actual mistletoe, but with these moonbeams glowing your love zone, romantic confessions and outpourings abound. 

Attached Pisces could enjoy some holiday heat, and possibly even babymaking if you’re of that demographic. This is a day for celebration and fun, so find a way to get your holiday joy on safely. But watch that you don’t push things too far. A surge of emotions could come bubbling up without warning, along with knee-jerk reactions (from bursting into tears to exploding with rage). Indulging in excessive eating and drinking will only make this worse, so moderate your intake because your inner hedonist is ready to seize the reins.

Are you an artist or performer? Your talents could attract buzzworthy fame. Go ahead and post a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your watercolor masterpiece, nail art or studio-recorded vocal session. Reclaim the pre-pandemic meaning of “going viral” by sharing your uplifting creations with the world. 

The year ends on a more sedate note as New Year’s Eve brings a moon in Leo and your sensible, healthy sixth house. You might be making lists and setting intentions, or spending time in nature if the weather allows. Keep things simple and opt for a healthy-ish meal with mocktails on the menu. Under these crafty stars, you might opt to spend the #canceled NYE engrossed in a puzzle or a DIY project…which could be even more fun with hors d’oeuvres and champagne. The sixth house also rules service, so find ways to give back and express your gratitude, if only for making it through this intense and surreal year. Send a care package to loved ones and friends who’ve been impacted by COVID hardships—your Piscean thoughtfulness is needed more than ever.

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