8 Lessons I Learned About Money During My Spiritual Awakening

By Emily S

1) Money is just energy.

All money is, is energy. It’s an exchange of energy. We are evolving to a point where money isn’t even tangible, which is even further proof that money is not real. How can something that’s not even real maintain such control over our lives? If we have positive energy around our financial situation, money will be attracted to us. If we harbor negative energy and emotions around our financial situation, money will be repelled. I spent years in a state where I was neither making money nor losing it. No matter what job I had, I couldn’t seem to break the neutrality. I would spend a few months saving and then spend it all. It’s not because I was bad at budgeting — budgets don’t really work, because money is not something we can consciously control until we do the subconscious work to get there.

2) Money is a form of power.

For some reason, many of us believe that being powerful is a bad thing. It’s scary. For me, I grew up feeling afraid of my father. He was the powerful one in the family. He made the money. Power was scary, and I didn’t want to be that way. Boom– negative belief. But the thing is, power can be used for good or for evil, as we all know. As I further develop my third chakra, the power center of the body, I attract more power, and with power comes money.

3. Money is good.

I subconsciously held the belief that money was bad. I grew up watching my parents fight about it, hearing my dad say we didn’t have enough, and overall feeling stressed about it. I had begun to associate money with negativity. I never wanted to think about it. Luckily I was able to tap into my subconscious and clear that block– now I understand that money is good and useful in the world we live in, but also it is not something I need to worry about.

4. Money can help people.

For some reason, we like to believe that money isn’t important, even though it is. True, it isn’t the most important thing in the world, but it is a lot of fun to have money. We are so averse to the idea of fun in America. We also think that if we are in a job where we help people, we can’t make money. It’s the whole martyr archetype— “I help others so, therefore, I’m morally superior. It hurts me and I’m not making much money, but I will always help others and put them before myself no matter what because I’m just that great and selfless.” Know anyone like this? I certainly do. I think many of us fall onto the spectrum of martyrdom. I know I have. Women are especially susceptible. We have this false notion that helping others must come at a cost to us and that it must be filled with suffering. However, this is exactly what I just said it is– a false notion. We can help others while making money. AND. We can use that money to continue helping others. Boom.

5. Women can make money, too.

We are in a very fascinating stage of human evolution. For FAR too long, women have been dominated by men. However, we are finally waking up to the truth that we are equals. Intellectually, I think most men are very excited about this. However, subconsciously, we still have several thousand years to work through, and it has only just started recently. We have an entire society to change.

On a personal note, my mom was not in the workforce during my early childhood. I grew up believing that men make money, and women don’t. Or at least, they don’t make as much money. This belief–that women don’t make as much money as men– is rampant in our society. It is multi-faceted, relating to how we were raised as children as well as women. Women truly are taught a lot of negative things about themselves that men do not have to contend with. For me, there were a lot of issues surrounding personal power and the discomfort with making myself seen that related to money that I needed to clear. Nevertheless, even though we might intellectually know this to be true– that women can make money– if it isn’t being reflected in your personal life, then you might want to think about what subconscious beliefs you might be holding.

6. We all deserve to make money.

We have to get over this idea that we don’t deserve to make money. This is a belief that is usually buried deep in the subconscious. It can be embarrassing to admit, but many people have it. For me, I felt worthless for a long time in many ways. It’s not possible for someone who feels worthless to make and keep money. If I feel I have no inherent worth, then how can I convince others that I do? How can I convince others to buy my services if I don’t believe in myself? It’s simply not possible. This feeling of worthiness and deserving also sits within the third chakra. It’s not something that can be overcome simply with positive thinking. It’s something that you must go into the subconscious to heal and is often multi-faceted.

7. Money is abundant.

This is a huge block people have in our society. Money is so entwined with scarcity. When people don’t have money in their lives, this is often why. Growing up, I was told that we didn’t have enough money for certain things, even things that I needed. I grew up feeling ashamed for having needs. My family wasn’t poor, we were actually quite well-off in the beginning of my childhood. But both of my parents did grow up relatively poor. They were both self-made. They both worked hard. Working hard does lead to money, but it does not lead to big money. It leads to survival money. It is only when we combine our work with a high and positive energetic vibration that the feeling or idea of big money can be attracted. Since my parents grew up poor, they had a scarcity mindset. Even though there was enough, it was never enough. And that was passed on to me. Clearing this block is essential– we feel like we never have enough money even though we have more than enough already. Why is that? Not because it’s true, but because it’s thought-based. The majority of us are doing fine. Even if we have debt, we are still alive.

8. We don’t have to work hard to make money.

From a young age, our lives are set up in school to learn how to work hard, with an obscure goal in a non-existent future to make money. However, we are never directly taught HOW TO MAKE MONEY. Pretty wild if you ask me. School was never really fun for anyone, and the same went with college, in terms of the academic aspect. Sure the learning was fun, but then the studying and the tests were so tedious. And the sad thing is, I don’t remember any of the information, anyway.

When I looked at my subconscious beliefs about money, this was the most difficult one for me to contend with. After listening to some podcasts on the topic, and also personally knowing some wealthy people, the truth is, they don’t typically work very hard. What they do on a daily basis is take care of and think of ways to grow their money. That’s it. Since money is an exchange of energy, there will be some work involved, but if the work feels draining and negative, guess what– the money will be drained from you!

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