4 Universal Principles For Conscious Loving

By Jean Farish

1) Love yourself

How we feel about ourselves is inwardly felt and outwardly expressed. Unfortunately, your reflection may reveal what is untrue about who you really are. To return to your natural state of being, make a commitment to a loving relationship with yourself. This means being aware of how you treat yourself in every moment. Are you treating yourself well? Go inward and connect to the divine love within that is always available for you to access. The reflective self-love mirror exercise invites you to look into your own eyes and say, “I love you”. Keep a special gratitude journal with endearing expressions of self admiration. Be responsible for creating your own blissful experiences and share it with others.

2) Live your potential

Everything we do should be done in the spirit of love. Using our creative gifts and talents, to authentically serve and uplift ourselves and humanity, inspire us to fulfill our potential.  Abraham Maslow, humanistic psychologist, stated that we are all in the process of becoming, and his powerful quote speaks volumes, “One can choose to go back to safety or forward toward growthGrowth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again”. Thismeans having the courage and tenacity to enrich our lives and make full use of our potential. Known for his theory of self-actualization, Maslow states, “The values that selfactualizers appreciate include truthcreativitygoodnesswholenessalivenessuniquenessjusticesimplicityand selfsufficiency“.

Be willing to let go of who others want you to be. Discover more about yourself through curiosity, questioning, and honing and acquiring new skills. Our passion and purpose does not necessarily have to be some grandiose future goal, but can be demonstrated in small and simple acts in our daily lives. Stepping outside comfort zones and embracing challenging situations build confidence, courage, and resilience. Tune in to the wisdom of divine guidance to fulfill your aspirations, and take inspired action to fulfill your dreams and contribute to making the world better.

3) Love wholeheartedly

How can we love wholeheartedly? Many feel unloving and unlovable with underlying feelings of unworthiness. Worthiness is our divine birthright and is not dependent on external conditions and perceived worthiness to receive. The energy of love enables us to love wholeheartedly with complete sincerity, compassion, and commitment. It is an effect, pays itself back, and is everlasting.

How we feel about ourselves influence all areas of our lives including: Personal development, social, health and fitness, family, romance, finance, business and career, and recreation. It is essential to challenge limiting beliefs about love and worthiness and return to our natural state of being. Henry Drummond quotes, “As your heart is increasingly filled with and controlled by divine love your spiritual character matures”.  The extent to which you love yourself is the extent to which you can  wholeheartedly and properly love others.

4) Live by higher ideals

Love is the greatest evolutionary power.These nine ingredients comprise the Recipe for Love including: Patience, kindness, generosity, humility, courtesy, unselfishness, good temper, guilessness, and sincerity. Not one can be missing, like colors of the rainbow, to demonstrate ideal love.

How can we achieve living by higher ideals? Consciously choose love. Contemplate and immerse yourself in each ingredient in the Recipe for Love. Take for example, the ingredient of patience: What does it really mean to be patient? What does it feel like when you are being patient? How does it feel when someone is being patient with you? Feel the magnetic vibration of each ingredient of love, and be aware of how you are responding to yourself and others. Through awareness, knowledge, discipline and ceaseless practice, we can strengthen and embody the practice of love in every phase of our lives.

Conclusion – evolve in love

Aspiring to live at a higher level of consciousness is essential for our spiritual evolution. Discard faulty beliefs that influence conformity and limited beliefs and values. Become the highest expression of yourself and live in the vibration of love. Amplify your energy and radiate pure love.

Wholeheartedly love and  care for yourself and others. Be compassionate and live in harmony with yourself and fellow man. Activate and exercise your full potential by continuing to grow and learn. A final quote by Leo Buscaglia, “Man has no choice but to loveFor when he does nothe finds his alternatives lie in lonelinessdestruction and despair. A heart of love is peaceful and content. Love is success and happiness, and the greatest thing in the world

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