Reincarnation, Explained

Past-Life Recall

One of the most profound and dramatic ways we acknowledge reincarnation is to have a dream or vision recounting a portion of the life’s events. In the dream or vision, you may witness an occurrence from another time and place, as a different gender or ethnic background, and most likely a different life circumstance than you may have today. Even so, you feel that they are your experiences. You just know it’s you, regardless of what makes sense. For many years I had a recurring dream that I was surrounded by burlap sacks of apples. I would wake up every time in a panic. Many years later and through much past-life study, I learned that I related those apples to a lifetime as an apple farmer that ended in an untimely and vicious death.

Emotional Triggers

This is the most common way we experience our spiritual imprints. The emotion—while it can feel good, most often, reflects feelings of fear, anxiety, grief or loss in some form. It is the emotional energy that was unable to be processed at the time of the event. The triggers are literally, post-traumatic stress our spirit carries into the current incarnation to remind us of an outcome we want to avoid in the present-time or positively, that we need to take note of to resolve a life pattern. I’m not afraid of heights, but every time I see a person fall and hit the ground, whether a trip or a plummet, I have an adrenaline reaction in my body. I traced that one back to living as a steel-worker in the 1920’s who met his unfortunate accidental demise falling from the shell of a high-rise building.

Intense Sexual Attraction

Often, past-life recall is precipitated by a deep and overwhelming sexual attraction to someone or something. It’s the kind of attraction that comes on suddenly when you meet a person or have an experience that isn’t based on preconceived knowledge. When it comes to this level of attraction, it’s common to assume the relationship is that of a soulmate or past love. A soulmate is someone we come across in life to help us love ourselves and others more deeply and often-times—find forgiveness.

Cultural Attractions and Biases

Do you have a special connection to an ethnic group other than your own? Do you feel more comfortable around those folks or in those geographical locations, rather than where you were born? Or, do you have an extreme feeling of love for other parts of the world and their people? We have biases based on what we’ve experienced or witnessed, but often our circumstances are unconsciously viewed through the lens of the spiritual memories we have, which may lead to reactions based on beliefs that aren’t true to who we are today. Your soul imprints give you a pre-existing relationship to the world-at-large that the environment you’re born into, then nurtures. One of the ways this presented for me was being very attracted to cultures that expressed emotion openly and with great passion—which was a very different dynamic from the quiet, keep-your-emotions-stuffed-down, household I grew up in.

Recurring Patterns

A recurring life pattern is when you repeatedly make similar choices, regardless of the consequences. You may not become aware of your patterns without focusing on them directly until you have quite a bit of life experience under your belt. In fact, sometimes others are better at seeing our patterns than we are. They can show up in the kind of friends, jobs, or mates that you choose. No matter where they reveal themselves, they exist to help you find stability and make the needed, subtle and lasting changes that your destiny requires

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