Sacred Femininity: What It Is & 3 Ways To Embrace It

1. Mind the body and your emotions.

Mindfulness meditation simply asks us to pay attention. All it asks is for us to feel – to notice what is happening within and around us. It does not require analysis or decision-making. It holds space for us to be exactly as we are – no goals, no gains, and no vision.

To practice, take a minimum of five minutes to sit or lie down quietly. You can set a timer to help allow the anxious mind to settle down for this time. Ensure, to the extent of your human capacity, that you will not be disturbed for whatever length of time you wish to tune into the body. Grab any desired cushions or blankets and make any final adjustments necessary to help the body relax.

2. Move, dance, and play.

To help embody this flow in a way that is safe and exploratory, we can start to feel it within the body. Through movement, dance, and playfulness, it is possible to immerse ourselves in the side of us that wishes to create, simply for the joy of it. There are no set rules when it comes to this type of practice; in fact, any attempt to give guidelines seems contrary to what the practice claims to offer. However, if the concept is new and the body feels stuck, some initial guidance can help to get things flowing.

One way to get into the body is with the assistance of music. Find some piece of instrumental music, or lyrical if that feels more welcoming at this point, and a quiet space to enjoy it in. If it feels comfortable and you are in a safe space to go sightless, place an eye mask over your eyes to deeply enter the body. As the music plays, allow your body to move to its own rhythm and flow. Move both rhythmically and contrarily to what comes naturally, witnessing how different movements feel to the mind and body. You might choose to introduce some intuitive affirmation, such as, “It is safe to be free. It is safe to be me.” Experiment with whatever might assist you in letting the body and mind go.

This type of practice can be done with painting, drawing, writing, or any other mode of expressing yourself. Come into your chosen activity with childlike openness and wonder. If it feels awkward or unnatural at first, simply allow that to be the case without running from it. Bring a sense of mindful awareness to this practice, just as you would to meditation.

3. Connect with your sacral chakra.

The sacral chakra, Svadhisthana, is our second chakra. It is known as the energy point for creative and sexual energies. It can be considered feminine and passive and is associated with the element of water. Like water, we each carry the ability to flow. We have an innate ability to create, to procreate, and to embrace the juiciness of life. By reconnecting to the sacral, we strengthen these potentially hindered abilities. Through the sacral, we can enhance and honor our divine femininity.

Reconnecting with Svadhisthana can be done in a variety of ways, but one simple way to become reacquainted with it is through a seated meditation with focused sacral awareness. To practice this, make your way into a seated or lying down position. Any position is fine so long as the hands can rest comfortably on the pelvis. Bring your hands to rest flat on the pelvis. Allow the thumbs to touch one another and the index fingers to do the same, creating a downward-pointing triangle. The formed triangle, now nurturing Svadhisthana, helps to draw attention and energy to this chakra.

Take a few normal breaths in and out before deepening your breath to reach the space between and beneath your hands. Visualize healing light or energy flowing into this space. Allow this to be the focus of your meditation, sitting with this awareness for at least five minutes. As with the mindfulness meditation, you may set a timer to facilitate the mind’s release. Whenever the mind attempts to wander, simply draw it back to your energy visualization, to your breath, to your hands, and then to your sacral chakra. Allow this energy center to become deeply nourished and valued.

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