The Flower Moon Eclipse

By Arik Xander

When we settle for less and compromise, we wage a war within.” -@ArikXander

Hi Stargazers!

The May Flower Full Moon (on May 26., 2021) is actually a lunar eclipse and it’s going to be a big one. It will show you where you are still getting in your own way and limiting your life. The Flower Eclipse is a time when we can stop self-sabotage by activating whatever aspect of positivity that’s being illuminated within the full moon chart.

The ego wants us to think small, but God wants us to have everything. The eclipse will try to rob us of this opportunity to think large so that we can remain in a state of deprivation and think it’s normal.

What Is A Lunar Eclipse?

A lunar eclipse occurs when the full moon passes directly behind Earth and into its shadow. Even though the moon is full, the light it would normally receive from the sun is diminished because the earth is intercepting the sunlight.

What Does Earth Represent In Zodiac Hacks Astrology?

In Zodiac Hacks, earth symbolizes the manifested and revealed world! It’s also where we live. So we are literally blocking out the light that should reach the moon. What could this teach us?

If you’ve ever been caught in the crossfire of a process or argument, did you ever stop to think about why you’re there? Seriously. Most of us just try to step out of the space, but really, there could be a reason why you’re there. Either you need to speak up and help mediate, or stay silent and take notes for your own growth.

The full moon is always a time for reflection, and even more so on a lunar eclipse.

The opposition will be between the sun in Gemini and the moon in Sagittarius, with the earth caught right in the middle. So what is being brought up and what can we do about it?

It’s all about the unconscious guilt that drives us to live a false life and listen to fake guidance. We are asked to question our direction and to stop confusing the media for guidance. Unconscious guilt can motivate us to do all sorts of things, such as being a do-gooder or codependent.

Unconscious guilt is hidden and repressed. It’s a long-haul guilt trip that tricks us into settling for less and compromising on life.

For example, I have clients from all over the United States in all sorts of jurisdictions, with various political affiliations, beliefs and across the board, they are not happy with the way the country is going now. A lot of them have been talking to me about their “voter remorse”, which is a great example of conscious guilt because they have reflected and contemplated their actions and seen how it’s contributed to the world. This is a guilt that can be healed.

Whereas with unconscious guilt, for the sake of example, a person who has “voter remorse” may be able to lie to his rational mind, but not to the subconscious mind because the subconscious mind is honest. The subconscious mind wants to make itself known, so when there are repressions and suppression, there is a constant war for honesty, being fought.

The result is settling for less. Hence the eclipse, a time that we will be confronted with situations we have talked ourselves into something (or have been talked into something we just didn’t want). Even if it was “good” for us, if we have a justification or a “big story” about it, it’s still a comprise.

Think of how many times you’ve encountered strangers who have a different political or spiritual perspective and whether you were willing to get into it with someone who you will only know for an hour or so?

Here’s the interesting thing. Every person you speak to in this lifetime is someone you have encountered in a past life and have some karma with. Until we clear our karma with them, we will keep meeting them lifetime over lifetime until the space is clear and the lesson is learned. This Flower Moon Eclipse will deprogram patterns that cause us to settle for a shallow connection when we could touch someone’s life.

The eclipse brings up situations where we settle for less — where we belittle ourselves and our morals and thereby weaken our position for the sake of keeping “peace”. But the thing is, every time we settle for less and compromise, we wage a war within.

The Question Of This Quest.

With Zodiac Hacks astrology, the full moon is a time of reflection, when each of the archetypes asks us a specific question to assist us on our quest. In order to see which obstacles we need to remove, each full moon poses a unique question for reflection, as the sun and moon are in opposition – reflecting back to each other the light of Truth. As this opposition occurs, a 48-hour space is rendered do us to operate within. This space is made of stardust atoms that interact with your being on all levels.

In this particular cycle, we can access the best of us beyond any quality of duality, by asking ourselves the following question:

Which are my “holy wars?”

Contemplate the above question during the full moon window and write down any insights that may come so that you can have a greater idea of what to work on.

The essential oil blend Sagittarius and Chakra 3 will help transcend and optimize the energies manifesting throughout this eclipse and beyond. From the mineral kingdom, use flint stone as this healing stone activates high performance, optimism, joy, appreciation, concentration, focus, thinking big and courage.

Have a wonderful lunar eclipse in Sagittarius.

There is a lot of power and light to be had with this lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, depending on where it’s happening in your chart. We can control our actions so that we can manifest our destiny.

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