Broken Open

Challenges are a way of guiding you in another direction.

Gratitude helps pass the pain. When we focus on gratitude, we redirect our energy in a positive way, acknowledging the blessing, seeing the pain as a reminder, we still have to heal it.

Having an open heart means feeling it all. The good, the bad and the ugly, all of it.

Be Thankful for being hollowed out. This is the only way to face our pain and take action to heal.

I recently was “released” from a bad relationship. I was holding on, regardless of my needs not being met, my words being turned against me, my self-esteem being damaged, enduring being verbally and emotionally abused. Fear kept me hanging on.

Finally the day came I knew would. I saw the face of a devil and the words that came from it, were powerfully hurtful. Amazingly, I did not feel sting of the sword thrown to hurt me, I instead saw clearly, the veil had lifted and the fear was nowhere to be found. I quickly removed myself from the situation, I couldn’t hear the words that followed me, as the tyrant kept on slinging them my way. I had armored myself for protection, not even his words could penetrate.

My heart that once felt loving feelings for him, felt nothing, my ego felt nothing. I was relieved that the nightmare, the withholding, the abuse, was over. He blessed me, with that last blow. I am free.

Walking alone these days has been easier than thinking you walk hand in hand with someone, only to realize you have been alone all along.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed!

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