PISCES July horoscope

With Jupiter in your sign since May 13th, you’ve felt a boost of vitality, but let’s be real, you’ve also been more sensitive than ever. Big changes are occurring—especially at home and in your career. On the 6th comes an intriguing development in your search for a new apartment. You can’t afford to take this luxury condo…but what if? Leo season (from the 22nd) puts you in a rise and grind kind of mode, so who says you can’t work extra hours to afford the expense? To end the month, Jupiter retrogrades into Aquarius and your unconscious sector on the 28th, putting you back in a place of observation rather than participation. Practice what you learned in the beginning of the year about bringing yourself back down to Earth. But also, don’t be afraid to let yourself float a little.

Love Horoscope: The dreamy new moon in Cancer on the 9th is a good omen for your romantic life. Yo’ve struggled a lot this year, but this lunation gives you permission to have some fun. It’s a YOLO moment—why not get kinky? This could become a serious relationship after love planet Venus moves into Virgo—and your partnership sector—on the 21st.

Money Horoscope: With Mars in Leo for most of the month, you’re hustling—picking up extra shifts and burning the midnight oil to finish up major projects. When Mars moves into Virgo on the 29th, you’re rewarded with exciting new contracts and clients. You also can count on more financial support from your partner

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