Happy Birthday Zonia!


Happy Birthday to my cousin Zonia! I don’t think I could ever forget your birthday, other than the fact that you are special to me, but your birthday also lands on “Tax Day’!

I know the last few years have not been the best birthdays, you have experienced incredibly challenging life events. This birthday, I wish that you are able to find love and joy in it, just by knowing how very much you are loved by those of us still here and those who have left us on earth but are still and always with us.

You are a great example of strength and grace. I wish you a VERY happy birthday, sending you all my love today and always.

XOXO, Rebe

♓️Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 


How I Changed The Paradigm That Imprisoned My Mind And My Life By Dina Marais

To ‘change your paradigm’ is simple to understand and yet not easy to implement. Why? Because it’s hard work and most people become addicted to the unresourceful states and numb to the life they create. In short, it becomes a comfort zone, albeit it being miserable. But, if you can decide to do take it head-on, then you are halfway there.

I read the book “Building a StoryBrand” by Donald Miller who uses the structure of stories to clarify a business marketing message, to sort out mine and help my clients with theirs. Donald Miller talks about the villain that stands in the way of the hero’s success, causing serious threatening problems on different levels. The hero then meets a guide who gives her a plan to slay the villain, avoid failure, and eventually win the day.

And that made me think of Morgana Rae’s book, “Financial Alchemy” where she uses the metaphor of the Money Monster that’s in the way of our abundance and prosperity.

Bringing them together…

The monster

The villain in our life is our old paradigm – our thoughts of the Old Self, the person of the past and the personality of that Old Self. The Old Self entertains and identifies with these thoughts that created the life what we don’t want and is like the Monster in a Halloween movie. And he is standing between you and everything that you desire.

This causes problems in our life. The problems of not making the money we need, the clients we want, the career, the relationships, the health we want. The more we tolerate this villain, the more it imprisons us as the Law of Attraction brings us experiences to confirm the old beliefs. And it keeps us stuck because we see our problems through the eyes of our old paradigm as a huge monster. The fact that it is much bigger than us comes from childhood. When we were small, the conflict and trauma around us seemed like this huge monster that threatened our very survival.

Today we still see that villain, that monster as huge, imprisoning us into a paradigm and life we cannot stand. You feel powerless because you know that you are more than this, you are destined for greatness and yet no matter how hard you try, you stay in the same place. That huge monster is the gatekeeper blocking your dreams and he stands there with that mean smile on his face knowing that he has you right where he wants you. You are going nowhere – you belong to him.

But do you know what? You are not small anymore. You are big – you are now in the position to get rid of that thing. But first, you have to get emotionally bigger too.

Get beyond your fear

You have to get beyond your fear and to do that you need to get really angry. No, not just angry, you need to get into a total rage! Moving beyond reason and doubt! That is what happened to me. I got so enraged at this miserable creature that has caused so much misery and hurt and fear and loss in my life. And I knew that it would come back and back unless I kill it! And so I did. I saw how I, as a little girl was standing in front of my parents and they too were quivering with fear over this monster blocking the door with his bulk and mean demeanor.

I felt such compassion for my parents and so enraged that suddenly I grew big and I took a laser gun and blew it up and I saw it melt away – skin sliding off of him turning into a skeleton and then there was nothing! Gone! I killed it! I obliterated it!

I was free! So what now? What would take the place of the monster?

Possibility saves the day

The next moment, Possibility walked in through the door. And like magic, everything around me changed into brightness and color and bird song and sweet smells in the air. My jaw dropped at seeing her magnificence and beauty and love and she is smiling at me. She’s pure love and pure abundance. She’s in my heart!

“Where have you been”, I asked. “I’ve been here all the time, you just did not see me.” “Well, I can see you now. Clearly. Don’t ever go away again, please? Will you stay? What do you need from me to stay?”

“Just think of me, call me, spend time with me. Real-time. As in ten to fifteen minutes every day. Several times preferably.”

Through her eyes, I see the world I dream of – a world of no limitation. It’s bliss! It feels amazing. I am free to create the life I desire and choose.

The monster still tries to resurrect himself and I kill it again and again. Thankfully, it gets easier and easier. I now sense a mile away when it wants to stir into life grabbing on to a self-doubt-thought and I put it out of its misery instantly. And immediately take the hand of my New Self, living happily ever after.


First of all, you are all energy and how you think and feel indicates your energy vibration frequency. When you feel good, your energy vibration is high and when you don’t, your energy vibration is low. The Law of Attraction responds to the energy vibration of your thoughts and emotions by attracting to you, experiences that match your energy vibration. Thoughts become things.

Your old paradigm gets triggered into feeling self-doubt, fear, etc. and causes you to respond from that emotion, and that have consequences. Your old paradigm runs on auto-pilot in your subconscious mind and the only way you know how that is working is by being aware of how you feel. You have about 65,000 thoughts a day of which 95% are subconscious. Your body is the expression of your subconscious mind.

To change this is to become acutely aware of how you feel and to practice to think differently about the triggers so that you feel differently and that you respond differently with different consequences. In essence, you have to train your subconscious mind to accept a different paradigm and the best way is to give your body a new experience. In doing that you are becoming a new person embodying a new set of beliefs that result in a new personality and way-of-being.

You do this with your imagination. Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between what is real and what is imagined. Practice this new way of being until it becomes you. Although this sounds simple enough, it is not easy. You have to make the DECISION to take charge of your mind and change your paradigm. You have to have a burning obsession to become the person you aspire to BE so that you can Do and Have what you desire.


Ever notice how some friends turn your energy up a notch, and others have more of a calming effect on you? What about the friends who bring over the pints of nice cream as soon as they find out you and your S.O. broke up versus those who drag you out to the bar and don’t ask questions? All your friends all have their strengths—but some of those strengths may benefit you more than others.

Every Myers-Briggs personality type has a different set of core needs based on intellectual, social, and emotional profiles. (Don’t know what your MBTI is? Read this first!) Luckily, there are types out there who complement your specific needs and thus hold the power to dramatically improve your life. So without further ado, keep on reading to find out who should be your bestie, based on your Myers-Briggs personality type.

The top traits to look for in a bestie, according to your Myers-Briggs personality type.


Romantically, INFJs often gravitate toward those who are different, like quirky ENTPs or smooth-talking ESTPs. But when it comes to friendship, you are all about similarity. You value those who like to plan, always keep promises, and can talk endlessly about wide-ranging topics like celeb gossip and science. ENFJs and INTJs are similar in just the right ways for a blossoming friendship.

This is so TRUE at least for ME! Find yours!

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

2 Essential Ingredients For A Positive Day By Melinda Quesenberry

Each day when you awaken, in a fraction of a moment, the course of your day is set for you. There is a brief moment in time that determines how the rest of your day will unfold for you. This small, yet profound, instant takes place before your eyes flutter open to the light of the day. You are awake in this moment, but are you aware?

The power of thoughts

As your eyes open and you begin to move about your day, the mind has already opened its floodgates to the thoughts. One-by-one the stream of thoughts rush in. Are you aware that you have anywhere between 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day? Assuming that you sleep eight hours per night and you are awake 16 hours of the day, on the low end that is 750 thoughts per hour and 3,750 on the high end.

Thoughts move in and out in a steady stream throughout our waking hours as you simultaneously move about your day; most thoughts going unnoticed, background noise at most. You might think that isn’t true for you, that you are aware of all of your thoughts. But the reality is that you are conscious of about only 5% of your thoughts. That means that the unconscious mind is running you on its auto-pilot mode, 95% of the time.

And while you are running around on auto-pilot mode, 95% of your thoughts are exactly the same as the day before. Ever feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog’s Day? Do your days stream together without much differentiation between one to the next? That is because your thoughts are the same, you are basically reliving the day prior. And if all of this isn’t enough to wake you up to your thinking mind; 80% of your thoughts are negative. You are essentially living in the past of your negative experiences.

Changing your thoughts

But this can change. You have the power to change your thoughts. To wake-up and break the cycles that are keeping you stuck. There is a split moment between the awakening and the opening of the floodgates, a teeny, tiny moment before the thoughts begin to rush in. And it is in this moment that we have the power to set the course of our day.

There are two easy steps that you can take to have a positive day.

  1. At night, before you go to sleep, set the intention to have a great day the following day. Say to yourself, “Tomorrow will be a great day”. Use this phrase or choose another phrase that resonates with you.
  2. When you awaken, before you open your eyes, before any thoughts stream in, as quickly as you can remember, consciously say to yourself, “Today is a great day”, or any other positive phrase that resonates with you. Then get up and begin your day.

That’s it. It really is that easy. But it is a practice and you are working to reprogram deeply ingrained patterns. Be patient and gentle with yourself as it may take some time to get in flow with it. These two simple yet profound steps hold the power to change the course of your day by breaking the negative auto-pilot thought loops and creating new positive ones. Continue this practice daily and begin to observe the changes in your life; at first they may seem subtle and then profound.

Pro Tip: I like to leave two note cards next to my bed; one to serve as a nightly reminder and the other as a morning reminder.

When will Mexico become a developed country?

Clay Reynolds, Retired Professor of Humanities & Creative Writing at University of Texas at Dallas (1998-present)

This is merely an opinion, but as an observer and lifetime resident of a border state that has close ties to Mexican culture and its people, I believe that Mexico has the potential to become not only a fully developed nation but a powerhouse in the western hemisphere.

Mexico has sufficient arable land, a wealth of natural minerals (including oil), and an enormous labor force. Its development, for many decades, was hindered by a lack of navigable waterways to the interior, a shortage of quality highways and railroad transport that was slow to develop. It’s also a vast nation, in terms of territory, with multiple ethnic identities and an array of cultural disparities and differences. Generalizing about Mexicans is about as valuable as generalizing about the US; regional and ethnic divisions make any overarching statement worthless. These problems have been addressed, particularly with regard to rail and highways, in recent years.

Unfortunately, though, Mexican history has been marked by a long series of inept, often corrupt, generally ineffective governments that reflect the principal interests of the wealthiest citizens at the expense of the lower working class and poor. Social safety nets don’t entirely work, often don’t work at all, and millions of Mexicans live at or well below the poverty line. Although it gets little press, racist attitudes have also informed Mexican development; the issue is not skin color but an antique caste system that relegates many citizens to the lower strata of society and provides little opportunity for individual improvement or development.

Mid 20th century, Mexican history had the need for land reform: this was the principal issue that launched the 1910 Revolution. While improvements in this area have been made over time, rural Mexicans still struggle with an economic system that often works against them.

Curiously, or possibly not, Mexico has managed to avoid becoming involved in any major war — apart from its own revolutions and civil wars — and has not spent much of its wealth on foreign entanglements.

Taxes are relatively low, so is the cost of living. Public services are reasonably in place, although they do not reach many of the people who desperately need them. Infrastructure suffers. Lack of strong regulation and efficient bureaucracy in vital areas are hampering progress.

In recent decades, and thanks in large part to NAFTA, Mexican economics have improved, owing to manufacturing jobs that didn’t previously exist in such volume. At the same time, poverty and a general lack of advanced education is common throughout the country, a situation that has created an environment in which crime with international connections has established itself and flourished in the form of cartels and gang-controlled areas that seem impervious to government interference with their operations.

Corruption, intimidation, and incompetence seems to dominate Mexican politics and bureaucracy; however, this is largely an inaccurate picture, fostered more by Hollywood and fictional depictions rather than facts. Millions and millions of Mexicans are honest, hard-working, tax-paying, well-educated and law-abiding citizens whose principal interest is in a strong nation and strong and progressive economy with security and safety being main goals.

The future of Mexico, though, is inexorably tied to its connections to the United States and to a lesser extent to its responsibility as the premiere nation of Central America. Strong trade and international legal agreements between the two nations is the key to the prosperity and development of both, as both share a common interest in the stability of other Central American nations that are presently suffering from far worse conditions—often as a result of American interference. A closer and better understood relationship between Mexico and the US is to the advantage of both. For the countries to eye one another with suspicion and nationalistic negativity harms both.

For nearly two centuries—up until 9/11—the two countries enjoyed an open border and a mutual trust; while illegal crossings were common and deplored, they did not represent any significant security risk until the drug trade became central to the issue. Solving that problem—if it can be solved—would solve most of the difficulties on both sides of the border and could restore the close partnership that the two should be able to enjoy and grow.

Mexico’s potential remains largely dormant for the time being, though, capable of awakening and advancing rapidly if the political will of the Mexican people can be marshaled and channeled into a progressive mode. It’s hard, though, not to view the situation in Mexico and not recall the words of the dictator, Profirio Diaz, “Poor Mexico. So far from God, so close to the United States.”


Happy Birthday Ratita!

Happy Birthday to my longest time friend. We met at 6 years old, and here we are 43 years later. Ups and downs, marriages, divorces, out of state moves, out of country move, child, heart break, love, we have been through a lot, and still our friendship has gone on, as Celine Dion sings.

I love you more everyday, and look forward to many more years celebrating whatever life throws our way.

I am blessed to have you in my life today and forever,

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

35 Ways to Live Your Life So You Can Die Happy by Susie Moore

Here’s what I’ve learned over the last 35 years that has me heading into the next 35 regret-free:

  1. Be spontaneous. We got our dog, little Coconut, unexpectedly one weekend with zero plans to be dog owners (and while living in a non-pet friendly place)! Yeah, we had to move and make some life adjustments, but nine years later, she’s still the joy of our lives!
  2. Go all in. Working too much gets a bad rap (and yes, balance, family, and friends matter), but there’ll be periods in your life where you live and breathe work. If you care about what you’re doing, it’s a wonderful investment. My work is the greatest contribution I’ll make in my lifetime.
  3. Be there for the unglam stuff too. People love weddings. But do you go to funerals—even if they’re hard to get to?
  4. Say sorry first. Who cares who is in the wrong? In two weeks, you won’t even remember the fight. Choose kindness over being right. You won’t waste time sulking either.
  5. Get up earlier. So much precious life is wasted by over-sleeping. Enjoy the magical mornings at 5 a.m. once in a while!
  6. Just go for it. A little over nine years ago, when I was 25, I had my first-ever interview job in New York. I wore a white blazer (I didn’t know the Labor Day rule back then!), and I remember how bitingly cold it was compared to the Sydney summer I’d left behind. I was so desperate to “make it” in New York. But I didn’t have a college degree or any connections in America. I had one important (often underestimated) thing, though: self-confidence. And this generated a couple of other cool side effects: an Olympian level of optimism, no matter how many times I was rejected (which was a lot). And massive action. And ya know what? It was enough. Because it’s remarkable what self-confidence will do for you. It means what “they” say doesn’t apply to you. Go for the damn thing you want!
  7. Smile more… when it feels good. People who smile are the best. And it makes you look sexy too. (Just don’t tell a stranger to smile, please.)
  8. Just go! Do you hem and haw over whether or not to go to something? Me too. But 90 percent of the time I do go (like to a book launch event, a masquerade party, on a bit of an inconvenient girls’ trip), I’m so happy I did. Even if you feel like staying home—show up for more!
  9. Call your parents. You never know when they’ll be gone for good.
  10. Don’t believe all your thoughts. Thoughts are just thoughts, and they can be changed. Be lighter about them!
  11. Risk more. Why hold back? The purpose of life isn’t to make it through unscathed (“here lies someone who had a jolly, safe time”). See the world! Commit to something! Speak up!
  12. Wear stuff that makes you feel fabulous. You’re worth it! And it’s OK to stand out.
  13. Don’t expect other people to see things the way you do. And once a week, consume a blog or podcast in direct opposition to your beliefs (religious, political, anything). Cognitive empathy is strengthened this way.
  14. Add—don’t subtract! The universe is one of inclusion. What we think about expands. So instead of subtracting fries, add salad. Instead of subtracting a toxic friend, add more time with a positive friend. Adding naturally dulls the rest out!
  15. Don’t resist those down days. What we resist persists. Sit with it. Be curious about feeling low. It’s more likely to pass this way. And you’re allowed a time out.
  16. Don’t think your job is your only creative expression. Got other skills? Start a side hustle!
  17. Spend a day a week with your phone in a drawer. There was a time without phones, ya know. We all lived.
  18. Tell yourself you are beautiful. Because you are. Photos you’ll look at 10 years from now will have you thinking, I was so cute!
  19. Give someone the benefit of the doubt. You’ve been given it way more than you realize.
  20. Get outside for 10 minutes a day. Put your hand on a tree. Look at a flower for 15 seconds. And look up at the sky, not down at a screen.
  21. Cherish your beloved. See the things you want to see in that person. Praise them. Give encouragement! Your life partner is the most precious thing in your life.
  22. Laugh over being offended. This is what happy people do.
  23. Follow your instincts. No one knows what’s in your heart but you.
  24. Be responsible for your decisions. Don’t blame others for what goes wrong for you. This is the most freeing thing you’ll ever do!
  25. Think about stuff that makes you happy. And do it a lot. This makes you a magnet for more happy stuff.
  26. Lovingly release people who don’t appreciate you. That way, you’ll make room for people who will.
  27. Don’t blend in. Losing yourself is all too easy. And people are more than happy for you to just follow their lead.
  28. Stand up for yourself. You’ll know when it’s time.
  29. Forgive everybody. And never hurt anyone intentionally.
  30. Visualize everything going the way you want. The mind doesn’t know the difference. It’s what the top athletes do for a reason. They win mentally first.
  31. Don’t point out anyone’s mistakes (unless they’re about to run a red light)! If you have to, do it indirectly. No one likes to be wrong, and it won’t win you any friends.
  32. Decide that change is always a good thing. It’s the only sure thing in life.
  33. Know that money will flow to you. Look around! You’re always being supported.
  34. Give 10X more compliments. Why hold back? There’s no point! It’s surprising what a kind, sincere word can do for someone.
  35. Relax. Because everything’s gonna be OK.


It may not be pool season, but feel free to bust out your inflatable flamingos, because the gorgeous spirit animal is here to help you get clarity (and take action) in April, “RockStar Shaman” Alyson Charles. Here’s her full download on what flaming energy means for you this month. 

March’s medicine was all about allowing our hearts to open more, tapping into an expansiveness and emotions that were previously unexplored there. We do this because our heart center is an integral part of a new paradigm (the new, higher consciousness energy system for Earth life moving forward)—and being heart-led and having our heart intelligence be the main compass for our lives is a necessary ingredient for us to be in alignment with unconditional love, our purpose, and truth.

April now brings forth a few new key components: healthily speaking up for yourself, innovation, and ceasing cycles of victimhood. We’ve officially pivoted to spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and just as the flowers are popping up, so too are opportunities to speak up and have a voice. As the knowingness of who we are has strengthened, we’ll be presented with opportunities to express ourselves, and it may come in some boldly packaged ways.

It’s time to get really clear on what you want to manifest, and the spirit animal for April, the flamingo, will greatly assist you.

This is happening so we can work our new energetic muscles, and have this communication come from the new higher-vibrational alchemy that you’ve built inside. That way, you can have this more love-filled frequency to use in situations where, if you’d had this scenario present itself in the past, maybe you would’ve stifled your voice or not expressed your feelings—or maybe your communication would’ve come from a triggered/fear-based place. Now we will use the voice we’ve been given and aim to speak from a heart-led place (but still be firm, clear and strong if needed).

Another element that’s been occurring, is that some of you may have been feeling a little like your career objectives, goals and even some aspects of who you are have been spinning a bit in space, maybe feeling a little unexpectedly “lost,” like who you are and where it’s all going feels very ephemeral and in April, it’s time to get really clear on what you want to manifest and meditate on new ways for you to be in joyous alignment with your life. And the spirit animal for April, the flamingo, will greatly assist you.

Here is a practice you can do to activate this clarity with the support of the flamingo:

• Sit comfortably (preferably sitting tall with spine erect), close your eyes and get into a rhythm of breathing: four seconds inhale, four seconds holding breath, four seconds exhale. Do this breathing for a couple of minutes or until you feel centered, present, and calm.

• Envision yourself covered in bright pink flamingo feathers as you rise up into the sky taking flight. Take notice of what your flight looks like and how it feels. Then imagine landing on a beautiful beach where you are greeted by another wise, beautiful flamingo who asks you, “As you fly into spring, what will you be creating and experiencing with your life?” Answer the flamingo, then thank him or her, and gently move your body and open your eyes.

• Write down all that you told to the flamingo and place this piece of paper in a sacred spot in your home and light a candle by it each day.

And finally, it’s time to honestly watch when you dip into feeling sorry for yourself! Falling into the pool of victimhood, self-pity, or martyrdom has to go if you want to live your best life and have the things you’ve been wanting for so many years. Being in your full power and wallowing in “why me?” energies do not mix! Do you feel that? So, commit to being consciously aware when you enter into a victim space and lovingly tell yourself, “I now clear this energy and rise up into my truth space” and let yourself feel solid, strong, lifted, and clear with your power.

Falling into the pool of victimhood, self-pity, or martyrdom has to go if you want to live your best life and have the things you’ve been wanting for so many years.

April is a treasure of a month—bestowing upon us so many gifts, and so many opportunities to outwardly express the new we have spent so long activating inside of us. Trust your new feathers and flight. It’s sure to be a beautiful and fun ride!

People like you more when you’re vulnerable


Great news, most people see your vulnerability as “alluring”

Deep down we’re all a little flawed, and we’re all a little scared. We’ve been taught this isn’t a good look, so we pretend to keep it together in the company of other people. But, hey, you can stop that now: A study found that exposing your flaws and being vulnerable will make other people like you more.

So confess your love, make that apology, admit your mistakes, and ask for help

People will eat that sh*t up. It’s a psychological concept the researchers are calling “the beautiful mess effect,” and it boils down to this: People like seeing other people’s messes. Exposing yourself emotionally will make you seem good, strong, sympathetic, and brave.

There is a catch, though

It works best if, in general, the people you’re opening up to already like you and know you’re usually strong and capable. Otherwise you might damage your credibility or come across as needy, which is what we’re scared of in the first place.

Still, when it comes to friends, significant others, or colleagues, you’re probably safe. So go ‘head and emotionally prostrate yourself. Happy Saturday!

(The Atlantic)