The 8-Step Conscious Decision Making Blueprint


If you’re like many of us, you tend to run fast and furious through your days. You’re a hard-charging accomplishment machine who gets a lot done — unless you’re a crumpled wad of humanity in the corner, crying out for help. This is why I propose making conscious decisions, instead. The process goes something like this.

The conscious decision-making process

Feel free to pull out a journal to explore these steps as you go.

  1. Notice a decision must be made, and instead of leaping into action, stop and breathe. Say ‘Let me think about it’; then do exactly that. Remember that most of the time, an immediate reply is not needed. We usually do have the luxury of consideration.
  2. Notice your immediate response. Do you have a whole body yes—or no? What thoughts, or even red flags, pop into your head? Observe if you’re trying to talk yourself into a yes, even though your gut is delivering a no. It’s okay to sit with this process, even if it’s uncomfortable. This is actually where the gold is.
  3. Think it through. If you were to say ‘yes’, what would be involved? Will your needs be reliably met? How much risk is involved? Can you trust the people involved? Who else might be impacted? Here’s where you’ll really serve yourself in the long run. Remember the world will not end if you don’t answer quickly, so take as much time as you need with this.
  4. Do you seriously want to do this? You can and should follow your gut here because desire is your strongest indicator for a yes. It also indicates a Universal nudge in the right direction. For without desire, we might as well pack it all in and go home.
  5. Is this consistent with your values? Does this fit with the imprint you want to leave on this life? Or is part of you quietly cringing in the background? Notice that cringe. That’s a sign that you need to say no. Ideally, all of the actions we take truly do align with our personal integrity.
  6. What’s the cost? Whether it’s time, money, energy or evenings spent away from the kids, every yes comes with a cost of some sort. Getting clear on it in detail—even down to the penny or the minute—can really empower your decision-making process.
  7. Is there an a compelling yes or no here? Sometimes it is hard to make a conscious decision. There are plenty of pros, yet there are some real cons as well. If that’s the case, look for the dominant yes or no here. Then allow your guidance and your intuition to guide you.
  8. Bless it or block it? There is no substitute for checking in with your spiritual guidance. Close your eyes and pray. Think about your decision, and ask your higher power to ‘Bless it or block it’. Then await a signal that all systems are go or not.

A friend who was trying to find a new apartment found the place of his dreams, but the price was on the high side. After praying, he met with the landlord, who turned out to be closely connected to a mutual friend. He took the place—and almost immediately, his earnings increased. He still lives there happily today. When you bother to make a conscious decision, you allow yourself to live in true alignment with the Universe. Then your heart, your soul, and your body slow down, and you begin to live in true peace and harmony. So you begin to tap into your truest source of power.

May conscious decision-making serve you well

40 Things Every Woman Should Do Or See Once In Her Lifetime

Better get busy, ladies!

By Brahna Yassky

Here are 40 suggestions for things to do and see that will enrich your life and empower you. Culled from the Girlfriend Facebook responses and this writer’s personal experience, the list is in no particular order — except to enjoy.

1. Live on your own — for a short or long time.

2. See yourself as beautiful.

3. Fall deeply in love.

4. Skinny dip.

5. Be a mentor to another woman who needs guidance through your life experience.

6. Travel to a foreign country alone — the level of interaction with people is deeper and more expansive than if you are with a friend, lover or family.

7. Understand and control your own finances.

8. Buy yourself a nice piece of jewelry.

9. Support/volunteer for a cause you are passionate about.

10. Support yourself.

11. Buy your own home.

12. Be the one to walk away from a bad relationship.

13. Bungee jump or skydive — the ultimate letting go.

14. Climb Machu Picchu.

15. Nurture a child — give birth, adopt, be a relative, godparent, teacher.

16. Spend a week at a spiritual/wellness retreat with a spa located in a remote location.

17. Take a challenging job.

18. Walk the streets of an ancient city.

19. Snorkel in a sea with lots of colorful fish.

20. Take a road trip alone — encounters are more intense (as is singing in the car and stopping whenever you want).

21. Learn a foreign language.

22. Dance on Bourbon Street in New Orleans — you won’t be the only one.

23. Feed and talk to homeless people in a shelter — have your assumptions blown away, feel good about making someone’s day better.

24. See the Northern Lights.

25. Make music — there’s power in creating sound and hearing it multiply when you do it with others.

26. Change your own tire — be macho and less dependent.

27. Eat sea urchin to experience one of food’s most sensual textures.

28. Create a piece of art.

29. Mambo in heels, and feel your hips in a new, sexy way.

30. Take a class in something you know nothing about but want to learn.

31. Watch an opera, dance performance, theater — from the orchestra fourth row center.

32. Hold a newborn who will be part of your life.

33. Have a nice meal in a foreign country (nothing like going to the source of a great dish).

34. Ride a horse.

35. Go to the Galapagos — swim with giant tortoises, see ancient and nearly extinct birds and iguanas.

36. Ride a surfboard or paddleboard — and walk on water.

37. Sing karaoke.

38. Help a stranger in distress.

39. Talk and listen to older women, especially family.

40. Learn you, know you, love you.

5 Ways to Manifest Your Dreams Through Yoga

By MichelleMattern

Practice and All is Coming “- Shri K. Pattabhi Jois

This powerful quote from the late Ashtanga Master teacher Shri K. Pattabi Jois has been one of my pillers of inspiration in my yoga practice. His message has been passed down to his students, who continue to inspire and guide their own students on this beautiful path of yoga. He and so many masters before him discovered this powerful process of manifestation within the ancient yoga teachings. The meaning of Yoga “to unite” mind, body and spirit is the key to manifesting.

But there’s more to Yoga than just postures.

Yoga is so powerful, transformational, and has so many layers- and as one of my first yoga teachers said, the postures (asanas) are like“a teardrop in the ocean of yoga”. Manifesting in yoga is like a flower blooming from the seed of practice.

Manifesting Through Yoga

Here are 5 ways to Manifest thru Yoga.

“ Truth is one, paths are many”- Mahatma Ghandi

Pranayama (prāṇāyāma)

Pranayama means “extension of the prāṇa or breath” or “extension of the life force”. The word is composed of two Sanskrit words: prana, life force, or vital energy, (breath), and ayāma, to extend or draw out. (Not “restrain, or control” as is often translated from yam instead of ayāma). Breath is the most important part of Yoga. From the hatha Pradipka quote:

“The mind is the king of the senses, and the breath is the king of the mind.”

Pranayamas can manifest a new state of being and keep you healthy.


Thru sound vibration a mantra or Mind track can transform and manifest anything your way. Om The premordial sound of the universe is by far the most powerful of all, when chanted. A quote from ancient Yogic India text the Katha Upanishad 1 –

“The goal which all the Vedas declare, which men desire when they lead life of continence…is Om. This syllable Om is indeed Brahman. Whosoever knows this syllable obtaines all that he desires. This is the best support, this is the highest support. Whosoever knows this support is adored in the world of Brahma”

Asana (Postures)

Postures in yoga help to prepare the body for meditation; but not only that, they help open up the chakras (energy wheels along the subtle spine), allowing for the Prana to flow. And when the energy centers are open in the body, the mind and body unite to move into the direction of becoming clearer in thought, which allows for manifestation.


Yantra is the Sanskrit word for a mystical diagram, which supposedly possesses occult powers and astrological or magical benefits in the Tantra tradition. By staring at the mystical diagram, you come into a deeply relaxed state where what you’d like to manifest can materialize.

Meditation/Yoga Nidra

To meditate properly, you must sit upright, straight spine, legs folded or on the knees for the prana to flow up the subtle spine (also known as the Shushumna). You can also listen to a guided meditation. This helps to focus on what you would like to envision to manifest. Another form of meditation that’s equally powerful is Yoga Nidra. It’s the union of conscious sleep, guided by a teacher after setting an intention. It touches on all the koshas, or spiritual layers in yoga: the food or material body (Annamaya kosha), the vital energy body (Pranamaya kosha), the mental body (Manomaya kosha), the intuitive body (Vijnanamaya kosha), and the transcendental or blissful body (Anandamaya kosha).

There are so many paths in Yoga to manifest. Follow your heart with yoga and go where you feel is the way and all is coming…


How To Break The Cycle Of Bad Relationships And Just Say “No” To Drama

By Alex Wise

  1. I often find myself attracted to “bad boys,” “jerks” and “players.”
  2. I spend a lot of my time trying to make my boyfriend happy.
  3. If I am upset about something in my relationship, I sometimes dismiss my feelings to avoid a conflict.
  4. The men I date tend to be bossy and controlling and get angry when I don’t do what they want me to do.
  5. I apologize even when I know I’m not at fault.
  6. If my boyfriend is mad at me, I can’t think about anything else until we resolve the argument.
  7. I love how great it feels to make up after a fight like I have a fresh start to be a better girlfriend.
  8. My boyfriend and I have a cyclical relationship: things are going well, then out of the blue he gets angry at me, I apologize and do everything in my power to make it up to him, then we make up, and the cycle starts all over again.
  9. My feelings of self-worth seem to fluctuate based on how my boyfriend is treating me.
  10. I know that I should just date a “nice guy,” but I worry that I’d be bored without the excitement that comes from a dramatic relationship.

If even one of these statements is one you can relate to, it’s time to step up, gain some self-confidence and just say “No!” to addiction of drama in your relationships. The truth is that when you are feeling bad about yourself and your self-esteem and self-confidence is low, you attract emotionally stunted, emotionally draining men. The first step is taking some time to realize how amazing you really are.

Another sad truth is that, once you do this and you find yourself beginning a new relationship with a guy who’s worth your time, you may feel like something is missing. This is because you become addicted to drama in your past relationships. It’s what you know. It’s what’s comfortable. But that doesn’t make it right or healthy. In fact, it’s truly like being addicted to a drug.

Once you take some time to really realize how incredible you are, you’re halfway there. Now you just half to get used to how that feels. You can expect some wonderful things from your new relationship such as:

  1. Unconditional love (you can’t ’screw up’ or DO anything to make him stop loving you) and acceptance of you for who you are.
  2. No more having to jump through emotional hoops to get your needs met.
  3. A true partnership of equals where you both challenge each other, inspire each other and give one another the freedom to grow as individuals.

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? So how exactly do you get over missing that drama in your relationship?

It’s a matter of realizing that LIFE has plenty of its own ups and downs without needing to CREATE drama in our romantic relationships. When we’re a part of that healthy partnership I just mentioned, we function as a SUPPORT SYSTEM for one another to help each other through LIFE’s ups and downs.

The HIGHS we experience are the joys that life brings (the perfect summer day, realizing our career goals, a baby being born [ours or a friend’s!], etc)… and our wonderful man is there to cheer us on.

The LOWS we endure are inevitable (disappointments, setbacks, health challenges, losing a loved one)… and our partner is there to hold us, console us, and help us get through them.

The roller coaster of LIFE is a whole lot easier to enjoy when the person we choose to share a seat with is ON OUR SIDE rather than against us.

So maybe it’s time you get off the roller coaster and learn to truly enjoy the ride

Sacred Femininity: What It Is & 3 Ways To Embrace It

1. Mind the body and your emotions.

Mindfulness meditation simply asks us to pay attention. All it asks is for us to feel – to notice what is happening within and around us. It does not require analysis or decision-making. It holds space for us to be exactly as we are – no goals, no gains, and no vision.

To practice, take a minimum of five minutes to sit or lie down quietly. You can set a timer to help allow the anxious mind to settle down for this time. Ensure, to the extent of your human capacity, that you will not be disturbed for whatever length of time you wish to tune into the body. Grab any desired cushions or blankets and make any final adjustments necessary to help the body relax.

2. Move, dance, and play.

To help embody this flow in a way that is safe and exploratory, we can start to feel it within the body. Through movement, dance, and playfulness, it is possible to immerse ourselves in the side of us that wishes to create, simply for the joy of it. There are no set rules when it comes to this type of practice; in fact, any attempt to give guidelines seems contrary to what the practice claims to offer. However, if the concept is new and the body feels stuck, some initial guidance can help to get things flowing.

One way to get into the body is with the assistance of music. Find some piece of instrumental music, or lyrical if that feels more welcoming at this point, and a quiet space to enjoy it in. If it feels comfortable and you are in a safe space to go sightless, place an eye mask over your eyes to deeply enter the body. As the music plays, allow your body to move to its own rhythm and flow. Move both rhythmically and contrarily to what comes naturally, witnessing how different movements feel to the mind and body. You might choose to introduce some intuitive affirmation, such as, “It is safe to be free. It is safe to be me.” Experiment with whatever might assist you in letting the body and mind go.

This type of practice can be done with painting, drawing, writing, or any other mode of expressing yourself. Come into your chosen activity with childlike openness and wonder. If it feels awkward or unnatural at first, simply allow that to be the case without running from it. Bring a sense of mindful awareness to this practice, just as you would to meditation.

3. Connect with your sacral chakra.

The sacral chakra, Svadhisthana, is our second chakra. It is known as the energy point for creative and sexual energies. It can be considered feminine and passive and is associated with the element of water. Like water, we each carry the ability to flow. We have an innate ability to create, to procreate, and to embrace the juiciness of life. By reconnecting to the sacral, we strengthen these potentially hindered abilities. Through the sacral, we can enhance and honor our divine femininity.

Reconnecting with Svadhisthana can be done in a variety of ways, but one simple way to become reacquainted with it is through a seated meditation with focused sacral awareness. To practice this, make your way into a seated or lying down position. Any position is fine so long as the hands can rest comfortably on the pelvis. Bring your hands to rest flat on the pelvis. Allow the thumbs to touch one another and the index fingers to do the same, creating a downward-pointing triangle. The formed triangle, now nurturing Svadhisthana, helps to draw attention and energy to this chakra.

Take a few normal breaths in and out before deepening your breath to reach the space between and beneath your hands. Visualize healing light or energy flowing into this space. Allow this to be the focus of your meditation, sitting with this awareness for at least five minutes. As with the mindfulness meditation, you may set a timer to facilitate the mind’s release. Whenever the mind attempts to wander, simply draw it back to your energy visualization, to your breath, to your hands, and then to your sacral chakra. Allow this energy center to become deeply nourished and valued.

5 Things You May Not Have Known About Chakras

By Kelly Barnes

1) The heart chakra is the center for healing found in the middle of your chest

It is the middle chakra that is also the center for healing. Each of the seven chakras is important, however, the heart chakra plays a special role in healing because love is considered to be the highest force in different spiritual beliefs and religions.

2) The third eye chakra supports psychic abilities

The third eye chakra is the seat of your soul – meaning, it does not get affected by the restraints of the physical world. It’s related to many psychic abilities. While everyone has access to these latent abilities, having an inactive or closed chakra will prevent a person from realizing lies from truths. A person with an active third eye chakra can see and access a deeper awareness. With the third eye chakra, you can access abilities such as clairvoyance, telepathy, astral projection, and being able to communicate with your spirit guides.

3) There is an eighth chakra

Many believe that there is also an eighth chakra — and some think they go all the way up to twelve! While the seven known chakras are included in the 12 chakra system, five more are found above and below the body. The eighth chakra is found above the crown chakra in your head. It is believed to be the chakra of divine love and spiritual benevolence. When activated, it allows you to become more spiritually aware and get in touch with your higher self. This chakra resonates with the color gold.

4) Crystals can help stimulate the chakras

Specific crystals pulsate a frequency that matches specific chakras. These crystals or stones intensify our focus to channel the energy in our bodies. It helps balance them by slowing down chakras that are spinning too fast or makes them spin faster if it is spinning too slowly.

Each colored stone represents a particular chakra. The crown chakra, for example, is white or purple. The heart charka is pink or green, blue for the throat chakra, yellow for the solar plexus chakra, indigo for the third eye chakra, orange for the sacral chakra, and the root chakra is red and black. These colors will be used in choosing the crystals or stones, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that only these colors will work on the chakra it is associated with.

To use for healing the chakras, these crystals are sometimes worn as an accessory. Chakra bracelets and necklaces are designed to balance the chakras in the body. These accessories are worn in India for many years.

5) Chakras and your emotions are connected

Each chakra has its purpose and function. They are connected to certain body organs and they are also connected to different emotional states that affect your physical wellbeing.

  • The root chakra is associated with being grounded and survival instincts.
  • The sacral chakra encompasses sexual energy and creativity.
  • The solar plexus chakra is associated with will and gut instinct.
  • The heart chakra is associated with love, healing, spirituality, and humanity.
  • The throat chakra encompasses truth, communication, and responsibility.
  • The third eye chakra is associated with inner vision, perspective, and understanding of spiritual wisdom.
  • The crown chakra is associated with consciousness or awareness.

When there is an imbalance or blockage in the chakras, these emotions are negatively affected. But at the same time, the emotions that you feel can be used as signals from your spiritual body telling you that there is something that you need to work on. Understanding your emotions gives you the power to control your chakra and maintain them.

There are so many other things to know about the 7 chakras in our body, but the key is to keep them balanced and aligned. Understanding your emotions and physical body can help you identify any problems and maintain the balance of these wheels of energy for a better, healthier life.

10 Emotions You Need To Balance In Order To Open The Heart Chakra

By Hope Stavish

The heart chakra is associated with love and the idea of wholeness connected to a higher purpose or nature. To open and balance the heart chakra, it’s not necessarily about focusing on who or what you love but instead examining how you love.

The color of the heart chakra is green tying it back to nature and the power of universal love. It is located in the middle of your upper body, so it’s central to the alignment of the other chakras. The heart chakra is essential to your chest, heart, and lungs. Emotions stem from this chakra. Feelings are formed in your mind, while emotions are kept and developed in the heart chakra. Emotional blocks like pain, fear, or doubt can keep your heart chakra unbalanced and closed.

As individuals, we will have many emotions that may need to be addressed during the process of healing the heart chakra. Since some emotions can be complicated, it will be beneficial to set an honest intention to heal each of your blocks. If you’re struggling with difficult emotions, opening your heart chakra will help you feel connected to love and harmony. The power of love is undefinable. So, when balancing your heart chakra, remember that it will take hard work. Having patience with yourself will help you get closer to the idea of universal love.

Connecting to universal love involves a nonjudgmental perspective towards yourself and others. Oftentimes, opening your mind is key to balancing your heart chakra because of the association between feelings and emotions. Below are ten emotions to examine and embrace in your heart chakra. Depending on whatever emotional blocks you are struggling to balance, you can choose to practice introspection with one or more of these emotional states-of-being.

1) Gratitude

When first beginning heart chakra work, gratitude is a great emotional state-of-being to practice. It will be helpful for healing any nonalignment between feelings and emotions. Gratitude will help with any blocks and open this chakra to universal love. Practicing gratitude through keeping a journal, making gratitude lists, or visual tokens will benefit your emotional well-being. According to Wharton Health Care Management Alumni Association, there are many studies that show gratitude has numerous positive effects on well-being including lowering stress levels, decreasing depression, and increasing social support.

2) Forgiveness

After embracing gratitude and anchoring your heart chakra in this emotion, you will benefit from accepting forgiveness into this chakra. Forgiving yourself for things you can’t control or any hurt you may be holding onto is the key to opening your heart to love. Appreciation for what you have through a gratitude practice will make it easier for you to forgive yourself and others. Energetically speaking when you work on balancing and opening this chakra, letting go of all heavy emotions like pain, anger, disappointment, or any negativity will lighten your vibrational frequency.

3) Unconditional love

Feelings and emotions can be complicated, so you will need a lot of discipline to balance the heart chakra. People who work to heal their own energy use meditation to address internal patterns of emotions. Because meditation makes it easier to release unwanted emotional patterns, it can especially help to try mediation for your heart. Next to gratitude, loving without condition may be the most important emotional state-of-being for the heart chakra. Knowing yourself and excepting your flaws is a good way to open your heart chakra to unconditional. Introspection is the key to learning about yourself.

4) Empathy

Empathy is all about putting yourself in other people’s shoes, but that’s not all it entails. Learning from other’s perspectives and beliefs can be helpful to open your heart. Empathy is also about realizing that we are all connected and accepting whatever feels separate from us as part of our whole. When your exploring empathy in your heart chakra, you may find a new sensitivity to others and their emotions. The more you work to remove blocks in this chakra, the more you may notice yourself forming different perspectives about connecting with others.

5) Compassion

Compassion is a special emotional state-of-being for the heart chakra. Like empathy, it involves understanding others. But compassion extends service to others by giving kindly. In order to have compassion for others and to give in the universal energy of love, you must be able to recognize how you can be kind to your own self. When you embrace compassion, you will start to give without any hidden agendas.

6) Patience

Patience stems from practicing self-love. Like compassion, it is impossible to display patience to others if you lack it for yourself. Feelings like regret or fear can be stored in your heart chakra as blocks resulting in unhealthy emotional patterns. To address these negative patterns, patience and commitment to growth is the key to healing. Patience comes with understanding yourself and not pressuring yourself into anything that is not authentic. Feeling good about yourself wherever you are in the healing process will open your heart chakra to new emotional states-of-being.

7) Freedom

Removing blocks and opening this chakra will leave you feeling free to love. Liberation from any pain, so that your energy will feel lighter, can be obtained by letting go of any guilt, anger, or heavy emotions. Oftentimes, we harbor these difficult emotions in our heart chakra because of all the things that we have experienced. Release and freedom can only be achieved by committing to the process of healing. By being of aware of your own emotional patterns, you can expand in universal love. A good first step to feeling liberated is being totally honest with yourself and the difficult emotions you may need to release.

8) Contentment

As you develop your emotional intelligence by embracing these high vibrational states-of-being, you will begin to notice more contentment in your heart. Because of the relationship to your feelings, opening the heart chakra will lead to a better state-of-mind. A sense of contentment will form in your heart chakra by developing all other emotions discussed here. But this process will ultimately lead to a peaceful alignment between heart and mind.

9) Strength

We may think of strength as power — and certainly, there is a power to universal love. But true strength is obtained not through authority but grace in this power. Love is the most powerful emotional state-of-being. Strength in your heart chakra will come once you start resolving its blocks and opening yourself to love. Strength is overcoming any emotional patterns to rise above negativity. In order to overcome any unhealthy patterns, you need to recognize and accept your negative emotions. By embracing these blocks, the process of healing will become easier. You will start to move away from low vibrational emotions and your heart chakra will grow in strength.

10) Joy

Emotionally, joy is the highest vibrational state-of-being. It is like happiness but contains a blissful peace. It encompassing an almost childlike sense of purity. Practicing all the above emotional states-of-being will lead you to joy. When working to remove any blocks in your heart chakra, opening up to love for yourself and others will help to cultivate joy. Remember that any unhealthy emotional patterns can always be transformed through introspection. The more you commit to improving your connection to universal love and opening your heart chakra, the more joy you will experience.

Pisces weekly horoscope May 9-15

11 Pisces

The new moon on the 11th is a moment for a heart-to-heart with your sister, a long walk in the neighborhood and a bougie latte from your favorite café. Something simple and comforting that recenters you in your own little world. Then on the 13th, Jupiter enters your sign and though it might still be Taurus season, it’s your time to shine! For the next few months, you feel more comfortable than ever putting yourself first. Book your first post-vaccine facial and let the pampering begin!

This week’s mantra: Everything’s coming up Pisces!

Reincarnation, Explained

Past-Life Recall

One of the most profound and dramatic ways we acknowledge reincarnation is to have a dream or vision recounting a portion of the life’s events. In the dream or vision, you may witness an occurrence from another time and place, as a different gender or ethnic background, and most likely a different life circumstance than you may have today. Even so, you feel that they are your experiences. You just know it’s you, regardless of what makes sense. For many years I had a recurring dream that I was surrounded by burlap sacks of apples. I would wake up every time in a panic. Many years later and through much past-life study, I learned that I related those apples to a lifetime as an apple farmer that ended in an untimely and vicious death.

Emotional Triggers

This is the most common way we experience our spiritual imprints. The emotion—while it can feel good, most often, reflects feelings of fear, anxiety, grief or loss in some form. It is the emotional energy that was unable to be processed at the time of the event. The triggers are literally, post-traumatic stress our spirit carries into the current incarnation to remind us of an outcome we want to avoid in the present-time or positively, that we need to take note of to resolve a life pattern. I’m not afraid of heights, but every time I see a person fall and hit the ground, whether a trip or a plummet, I have an adrenaline reaction in my body. I traced that one back to living as a steel-worker in the 1920’s who met his unfortunate accidental demise falling from the shell of a high-rise building.

Intense Sexual Attraction

Often, past-life recall is precipitated by a deep and overwhelming sexual attraction to someone or something. It’s the kind of attraction that comes on suddenly when you meet a person or have an experience that isn’t based on preconceived knowledge. When it comes to this level of attraction, it’s common to assume the relationship is that of a soulmate or past love. A soulmate is someone we come across in life to help us love ourselves and others more deeply and often-times—find forgiveness.

Cultural Attractions and Biases

Do you have a special connection to an ethnic group other than your own? Do you feel more comfortable around those folks or in those geographical locations, rather than where you were born? Or, do you have an extreme feeling of love for other parts of the world and their people? We have biases based on what we’ve experienced or witnessed, but often our circumstances are unconsciously viewed through the lens of the spiritual memories we have, which may lead to reactions based on beliefs that aren’t true to who we are today. Your soul imprints give you a pre-existing relationship to the world-at-large that the environment you’re born into, then nurtures. One of the ways this presented for me was being very attracted to cultures that expressed emotion openly and with great passion—which was a very different dynamic from the quiet, keep-your-emotions-stuffed-down, household I grew up in.

Recurring Patterns

A recurring life pattern is when you repeatedly make similar choices, regardless of the consequences. You may not become aware of your patterns without focusing on them directly until you have quite a bit of life experience under your belt. In fact, sometimes others are better at seeing our patterns than we are. They can show up in the kind of friends, jobs, or mates that you choose. No matter where they reveal themselves, they exist to help you find stability and make the needed, subtle and lasting changes that your destiny requires

Why We Should All Commit To A Heart-Centered Life

By Randi Halaway

When we commit to living a heart-centered life, anything is possible. Committing to a heart-centered life means learning how to slow down and how to show up for yourself fully. In fact, I think it’s the most productive thing you could do for your business, your employees, your partner, your children, your friends, and your family. When you can truly recognize that making yourself a priority, showing up for yourself, and doing the inner work is actually the best, most productive thing you can do, a shift occurs where you see there’s nothing on your to-do list that’s more important or will ever be more important than this inner work. Because everything that’s going on outwardly is a reflection of what’s going on inwardly.

What are you committed to?

Right now, I want you to think about what you’re really committed to. At one point, I was committed to the shiny diamond engagement ring, the 6-figure + bank account, and Target. Oddly, I was obsessed with restocking my items! After a departure from “normal”, a divorce, and selling my business, I realized I was severely addicted to chaos. Ironically, now my bank account fills up without the urgency, I rarely need to go to Target and I feel calm. I’m going to show you how I let my heart take the wheel, not my ego. Let’s get real, sister…are you prioritizing your addiction to the hustle, the chaos, and the drama? Are you chasing money over impact?

If you have been called here, I think you know on some level, your ego is running the show and you’d prefer to sink into a more easeful life. Am I right? When you really sink back into this idea that how you feel is more important than what you do…it may feel like something you already knew. Like it just drops back in. It feels like you’re remembering something familiar. What you remember is directly tied to the level at which you’re willing to open your heart and heal yourself. If you’re walled up and armored up so you won’t feel pain, and you’re saying things like, “I’m never going to feel this way again, no one’s ever going to hurt me again.”

Or, “I don’t need a man, I’m good. I’m a strong woman.”

In these scenarios, you may be blocking the connection to your feminine essence, to your divine feminine energy. You may not be stepping into your most magnificent self as fully as you can. Being walled up could be impeding your ability to receive the truth about who you truly are and what you’re really here to do. You may also be blocking the abundance you really want by limiting your ability to receive it. It could also be getting in the way of experiencing your passion, your purpose, or a divine partnership. When you’re walled up, you could miss out on so much magic.

It’s up to you. It’s all really your choice.

Making the choice

Here are a few ways I’ve chosen to choose myself, my worth, and the way I feel above the activities that my ego would rather me do:

I committed to a morning routine, in fact, I don’t turn my phone on until I complete it:

  • Breathe – Sounds very simple, right? That’s because it is simple and it’s okay to do something simple, even during a busy day.
  • Journaling – It’s one of the most powerful tools for transformation because it is a sacred space to release what is no longer serving you and connect you to yourself on a deeper level.
  • Meditation – It is the clearest path to our heart and intuition. It connects us directly to the guidance, direction, and clarity that is available to all of us at all times.
  • Power statements – What we focus on will expand. So, what we believe to be true will simply show up in our lives. Power statements are created as if what we want has already happened.
  • Gratitude – When we focus on what we are grateful for now, it brings us back to the present moment, and happiness is only available in the present moment.
  • Affirmations – Affirming positive affirmations about yourself helps you let go of the stories your mind is trying to tell you about you not being good enough and reminds you that you have always been good enough.

I realized “the work” is never done, and there’s always another layer.

When issues come up, it doesn’t mean you haven’t grown, and it absolutely doesn’t mean you’ve gone backward. It’s just a signal that we all have layers, and they just need to be unlocked at the right time. When we can look at an issue as just another layer to peel back, versus saying, “Oh, my God! I’m a failure! Look at me, I’m going backward!” No, you’re just a human. Yes, there may be unresolved layers of emotion that are just now coming up. But, look at it as something coming up so it can be seen and dealt with. Then, you can move on. That’s how you live the life of your dreams. That’s how you become happy. It’s not about not having challenges anymore. It’s not about living a life where nothing bad ever happens to you. It’s about navigating, responding, processing, and then moving forward.

In essence, I prioritize truth over everything.

Remember that you are very powerful and you are creating in every moment. You are either creating from your ego or your heart. Ego-based creation equals ego-based results, and in turn, heart-based creation equals heart-based results. Differentiating between the ego and the heart takes patience and practice because they can feel similar, but they lead to completely different energies. By choosing to process your emotions you will become connected to your heart and truth. From this place of alignment, you will be able to fully receive and sustain the manifestation of your dreams because when you live a heart-centered life, ANYTHING is possible.